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Data Delight










D Vibe





September 2016


Gerp 2016

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 2nd



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User Comments (5)

comment by z5 on 05 September 2016

This was such a nice surprise. Since i like wireframe effects a lot, this is very enjoyable to watch. What makes it stand out to me though is the fact that it wasn't just a couple of effects slapped into a screen. Most scenes have at least one secondary smaller effect (e.g. a scrolling pattern) which helps a lot in making a demo more interesting. I like that kind of attention to detail and it gives a nice "design" look to the demo. Also, the tune is great too except maybe for that small voice part.

Judging by the readme, it was a bit rushed and you're aware of things that could have been done better (some more background graphics would have made a huge difference), but i find this demo to be extremely promising for a "debut" (first demo coded in assembler anyway) amiga demo. As such, i can't wait to see what comes next. Well done indeed!

comment by rloaderror on 07 September 2016

Great assembler debut by Malmix. What I like about these wireframes are they are not simply triangulated meshes, but retains >3 point polys. Giving a cleaner look.

Overall it is quite a polished package. Could have been nice with less black backgrounds though.

My favourite effect is the motionblurred cubes though. And are they antialiased too? Looks sweet.

Music is cool!

comment by corial on 13 November 2016

This is a supergreat assembler debut, and gives great promises for the future. You rule, Malmix!

comment by malmix on 17 November 2016

i'm flattered by your positiveness, though we all know it's mostly just some lines and repetitive 3d rotations... :P The cubes are animation btw, add-blended on top of each other multiple times to create the blur effect..

comment by Overflow on 19 December 2016

Repetative or not; Very sleek and nice design. Great music aswell.

Looking forward to future productions!

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vote by waldiamiga: 3/5

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vote by Overflow: 4/5

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