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Intro 64k


August 1997


Assembly 1997

Amiga Intro 64k compo

ranking 3rd





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User Comments (13)

comment by baderman on 08 October 2003

i love this intro, its dark climate, its brilliant... and effects? too... nah, it kicks a$$ ;-)

comment by rloaderror on 27 October 2003

great music on this one :) Really 98s PCish intro.

comment by geezer on 04 November 2003

Dune's soundtrack really rocks. We can't thank him enough for letting us use it. If you run this in an emulator and it looks lite the screenshots you should know that it's not how it should look. The object in the background of the creds and the fat-logo should be deforming, and the leftovers from the credspart shouldn't be behind the fat-logo (look at the screenshot and you'll know what I mean :).

comment by z5 on 04 November 2003


Sorry for the screenshots and thanks for pointing it out. I'll try to grab them on my Amiga asap but i wonder if it will work and how the intro will survive an interrupt level 7 :) WinUAE is for a lot of demos the only possibility. Wish it was different, but it isn't. And i always try to spot any errors by watching the original prod on my Amiga first.

comment by z5 on 08 November 2003

The screens should be ok now as i replaced all screens with screens taken on my Amiga.

comment by geezer on 11 November 2003

Thanks alot z5!

comment by rloaderror on 13 November 2003

teach me how to do square 3d tunnels. ;) Is the solution y^4+y^4 = 1 ?
How do I solve this for the parameter in the line equation? ;)

comment by geezer on 13 November 2003

I actually use a completely different method. The shape of the tunnel is represented by a 2-color image. Instead of solving the intersection point directly, you traverse the space (the 2-color image) until you hit a wall. This means that you can paint your very own personal tunnelshape. :)

comment by geezer on 13 November 2003

Forgot to mention, this method also allows you to move the observer in the xy-plane at no performance cost. Just select a different startingpixel when you shoot the rays.

comment by rloaderror on 14 November 2003

kewl.. Not sure if I get the technique completely, but I love such unusual approaches. They always have drawbacks, but tend to give some new possibilies aswell. :) Doing everything by the book will not revolutionize anything :)

comment by skan on 20 July 2004

nice wireframe intro but the texture color sux... ;)

comment by skipp604 on 27 June 2008

A classic.... greetz to Geezer :) rulez0r!

comment by amiganostalgia on 25 July 2011

Love and respect!! One of my all time fav

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