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Moods Plateau









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Intro 64k


April 2011


Revision 2011

Amiga Intro 64k compo

ranking 2nd



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User Comments (4)

comment by mailman on 04 May 2011

At the beginning it seemed to be not so much interesting but watching it further and further I liked it more.

comment by z5 on 06 May 2011

Moods Plateau intros always seem to work for me. Nice design and colors, enjoyable tune and nice atmosphere. I like how you build up your scenes (most notably in the part on screen 13) and break them down. It's a nice touch that adds to the flow of the intro.

The effect with the squares wasn't as smooth as i hoped it would be and the ending seemed a bit strange. I was expecting the traditional end of intro scroll part. The music kept playing for a long time after the intro was finished so maybe that endscroller didn't make it in time for release?

Anyhow, a nice enjoyable intro.

comment by dodge on 06 May 2011

The effect with the squares is my first approach of a zoomable Sierpinski-carpet.
The flow of that effect depends largely on the sine-curves of X,Y and Z movement.
I tried to bring a little speed into it by adjusting the curves and reducing the number of blitted Sierpinski-patterns per carpet for the final version.
Also I never came accross such an effect on the A500, yet or I just missed the demo that showed it.

For the (not really) missing endscroll I can only say that this time the concept of the intro came from a very profound cosmological point of view, hence I found it more appropriate to end it with a matching quote from the egyptian Book of the Tuat - replacing just the word "soul" with "revision" - since the whole theme was based on the aspect of the Creation of something new and different out of things that died ( in opposition to the worn out Phoenix-myth which wouldn't apply correctly for ReVision anyway).
It's essentially an esoteric welcoming of ReVision from the legacy of Mekka^Symposium and Breakpoint.

comment by Lonewolf10 on 19 April 2012

Pretty cool. I love the oldskool music.

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