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Updater 2010


Moods Plateau











Intro 64k


October 2010


Trsac 2010

Combined Intro compo

ranking 4th



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User Comments (8)

comment by wayne on 29 October 2010

Nice tune. BTW hold RMB for hidden picture.

comment by z5 on 30 October 2010

The Moods Plateau intros always manage to hit a softspot with me and this is no exception. Great tune, great color choice, nice logo and enjoyable to watch. I love the dynamic color backdrop (screen 6). It's one of my favourite "design" effects.

comment by corial on 31 October 2010

I am very much entertained. Great mood served by the moods guys.

comment by dodge on 07 November 2010

@z5: "I love the dynamic color backdrop (screen 6)"

...and when you exit the intro while this effect is running, you can even
see how it's done :)
One of the very few things I can deliver in full frame rate on the 500

comment by z5 on 09 November 2010

I figured it consists of a couple of points where the x-coord is moving according to sinus and pasted into a copper list where you change the background color? Mind you, for a vertical effect, one would need a lot of writes to the copper list (contrary to the horizontal version of previous intros). Please say it's correct as it is one of the only effects where i fele i might have guessed how they work :)

I always wanted to do that effect myself. Ate Bit is doing some very nice looking background effects in their intro Transform, including a circular one.

comment by dodge on 09 November 2010

It's actually very easy to accomplish with the chipset, rather than c2p.
You draw sine-manipulated lines in three bitplanes ( say, the odd ones) on the top line.
Next you'll grab your copperlist and tell the prick to repeat every line starting from the second line after the top line, that is, you just manipulate the modulo register.

lea copprg,a0 ; my copperlist buffer
move.l #$2c0ffffe,(a0)+ ; waitline
move.w #$0108,(a0)+ ; modulo reg
move.w #[64-40]-64,(a0)+ ; modulo value
move.l #$ff0ffffe,(a0)+ ; stopline
move.w #$0108,(a0)+ ; modulo reg
move.w #screenWidth-40,(a0)+ ; nomal modulo value

and that's it

comment by dodge on 09 November 2010

The colour thing is determined by the colour palette according to the bitplanes you use and the combinations they make.

comment by z5 on 09 November 2010

So yes, i was wrong again...

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