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Focus Design










Intro 64k


April 2010


Breakpoint 2010

Amiga Intro 64k compo

ranking 1st



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User Comments (6)

comment by wayne on 18 April 2010

no comment was added

comment by wayne on 18 April 2010

whoops IB suxx ;(
anyway nice and fresh 64k quite enjoyable for me coz of that track;)

comment by z5 on 18 April 2010

A mixed bag in every way. The music isn't really my taste. The visuals are inconsistent in style and colors. Two very nice logos and i liked the green/light blue scenes colorwise. The grey/brown colors didn't match that.

However, the effects are all very enjoyable to watch and the synchro with the music is very neat, which makes this intro enjoyable to rewatch.

comment by dodge on 19 April 2010

I really like these dotted tunnels and the logos.
Somehow, due to the black background, the whole thing looks to me like it
isn't really finished.
Imagine the whole intro with a scene-matching bg-colour.

comment by corial on 19 April 2010

dodge: the tunnels each consist of 2176 bobs. I saw that trick in the old Juliet & Case demo c42, and I am pretty sure that Spin also did that trick in the great,great demo Extralife. I would have loved the tunnel to run a little faster, but somehow I wasn't able to optimize it.

Oh, and by the way: we are from the early age of demomaking, so we don't know any other background colour than black.

comment by jack-3d on 03 May 2011

From my point of view this one has excellent music and nice effects with synch.

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User Votes: Average: 3.25 points (4 votes)

vote by wayne: 3/5

vote by z5: 3/5

vote by dodge: 3/5

vote by jack-3d: 4/5

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