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Intro 4k


March 2008


Breakpoint 2008

Amiga Intro 4k + Intro 64k compo

ranking 1st



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User Comments (59)

comment by pintcat on 04 July 2008

I wasn't able to grab a screenshot so I took a photo of my monitor while the demo was running. Picture quality is bad, but you can clearly see the effect we're talking about. Check it:


Also, I tried to reproduce this bug on WinUAE & E-UAE, but no matter how I modified my settings, this demo kept running without any problems...confusing!

comment by rloaderror on 06 July 2008

huh??? :D I have no idea why it looks like that. I have added one extra copper command compared to the original though. Maybe that is what is doing it.

comment by rloaderror on 07 July 2008

Slummy tipped me about unaligned bitplane pointers. Made a new version and sent it to Frequent's testlab.

comment by rloaderror on 07 July 2008

Bah.I have a strong belief in this fix so I uploaded a new archive. Same name and location.

comment by pintcat on 08 July 2008

IT WORKS! And it looks wonderful - very good job! Well, it's 5K now, but who cares? Thank you for this great fix.

comment by rloaderror on 09 July 2008

what? last time I checked it was 4k. maybe I forgot to crunch :D

comment by pintcat on 09 July 2008

Yes you did. Do you have any special/favorite cruncher? I got the best result with CrunchMania (down to ~4200 bytes), but after crunching the demo crashed all the time.

comment by rloaderro on 09 July 2008

Try execruncher2 by blueberry/loonies.

Execruncher2 <input> <output> mini 40

should get it down to 4088 IIRC

comment by pintcat on 10 July 2008

Oooh - that's a good one! I can't believe I wasn't aware of that cruncher till now. It's the most efficient I've ever seen on Amiga.

PS.: I reduced the MaxDist by 80 and even got it down to 4080 Bytes (sqeeeze!) And it works great - thanx again for this masterpiece!

comment by Angry Retired Bastard on 14 July 2008

pintcat: And the reason for the crunchmania crash might be that you're testing on an 060? Crunchmania-crunched files crash on 060 due to the larger caches.. The tool 'fixcrm' can be used to patch up those files (basically it just adds a cache-flush).

comment by pintcat on 15 July 2008

This is quite interesting! Not every CrM crunched file crashes on my 060, but there are a few so I'll give it a try. Thanx for this good hint. After all, CrunchMania remains one of my favorite crunchers.

comment by HOŁDYS on 10 March 2009

### RULEZZZ ###

comment by corial on 25 March 2010

This truly IS a sexy little thing!

comment by jack-3d on 23 July 2011

I love this one. It was amazing on the big screen on Breakpoint.

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