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Moods Plateau



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Intro 64k


March 2008


Breakpoint 2008

Amiga Intro 4k + Intro 64k compo

ranking 4th



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User Comments (14)

comment by corial on 23 March 2008

This is a really nice design, Dodge.

comment by mailman on 23 March 2008

If they hadn't contrubited there wouldn't be much to regret for anybody... Unfortunatelly...

comment by extralife on 24 March 2008

Even though its nonaga, well it's not for me, sorry, liked the beginning though with the line going round the logo, very fairlight'ish lol

comment by z5 on 25 March 2008

For some reason, Moods is hitting a soft spot with their latest releases. Yes, there aren't that many effects and none of them are ground-breaking. But i'm sure none of the Moods crew will pretend otherwise.

For me, it offers good graphics and solid design. Great color choice in the digital garden picture and the idea of the flowers was so simple yet nice. The ribbon effect on the graffiti was enjoyable. If i was to make a suggestion, it would have been to make the object in screenshot 4 solid instead of wireframe. It gets a bit lost against the backdrop.

I hope you are going to keep making these intros, Moods. Well done.

I'm going to fix the credits asap.

comment by dodge on 25 March 2008

I will :D because I don't feel the urge to switch over to C2P technique at all. About the wireframe object. That, again, drove us through party coding hell because DocK's coding style and mine are complete opposites . So due to lack of time I kind of nailed the plot together so that it could be released without the 3D.

While you are at it, z5, please set the chipset to ECS ... as it is tested only under that condition ... no comment about the cpu recommendation...much effects just looked so crappy on 020 with disabled caches :( and there still seems to be some 020+ instruction burried somewhere

comment by dodge on 25 March 2008

I really need d!rt!e's A600 for testing stuff or else I'll have Hitchhikr breathing down my neck at pouet forever :|

comment by rloaderror on 05 April 2008

design and graphics is fine, but I wish the effects were atleast a bit bigger. So keep improving those coding skills :)

comment by movew_ on 25 April 2008

Nice! I like the copperish Moods logo, and C2P-free is fine, too :)
Sadly, it is not an Amiga 500 intro, although it easily could be!! On A500, it just crashes... Oh, and I like the gray backdrop image! This intro would be killer on A500 in 4k :)

comment by dodge on 27 April 2008

the freezes are due to odd chipmemory access on the 68000 (bytesteps) :(
I'm about to fix this for the ballcluster (can't/won't fix it for the wireframe as I have got no clue where to search in Doc.K's code o_O)
As far as it is now I got it run on a 500 without the 3d ... but I don't have time ATM to complete it and look for speed ups (too much chip hammering + too much cpu usage). Happens when it's developed completely on a 1200 (020) which has no problem with odd chipmem access.
The backdrop image is a movie still from Stalker (Tarkovsky - 1979).

comment by movew_ on 27 April 2008

dodge: I see your point: as soon as you develop on your A1200 - at the party -, you don't care much about 68000 word access :) As a fan of the A500 I was just hoping because the supported chipset is ECS. You know, few new A500 or even A500+ productions out there ;)

By the way, I love party-mad(e) intros like this one! I like the slightly raw style. Good intro.

comment by z5 on 02 September 2008

This is probably a lame question, but how did you do the arrow thing (or the AT "animation" for that matter)?

comment by dodge on 05 September 2008

it's nothing more than precalculated line drawing :)

For this piece the original plan was to draw the complete greetings
in that style the "At" was tagged at the beginning.

But...as always ...time was up :/

comment by z5 on 05 September 2008

I imagine you first drew it in a paint program? Then what? How do you transfer that picture into coords for a line, following a certain "route". Are you telling me that you entered the line coords by hand into a table?

comment by dodge on 06 September 2008

Not exactly typing a table.
First blitting the picture ( as you figured ) onto the screen in a different colour. Then finding the right line to start (positions by try and error).
Finally modifying these positions by add and sub (using loops were possible) and writing the Xs,Xd - Ys,Yd + Colour to a bss data chunk, thus creating the route-table. At last the picture is not needed anymore 'cause you now literally drawing it one Vblank at a time (or 5 per blank if you want to increase speed).
In fact the "At" was the simplest thing to do. Far more difficult was to simulate the flower grow... looks like that:
move.w #317,d0 ; Xs
move.w #319,d1 ; Xd
move.w #159,d2 ; Ys
move.w #159,d3 ; Yd
move.w #315,d4 ; Xs l
move.w #320,d5 ; Xd l
move.w d2,d6 ; Ys l
move.w d3,d7 ; Yd l
lea flBotRight,a0
bsr csf
bsr x1L
bsr y1U
bsr csf
bsr y1U
bsr csf
bsr x1L
bsr y1U
bsr csf
bsr x1L
bsr csf
..."x1L" f.e. is a subroutine that sub's #1 from the current X value, thus "moves" the position 1px left.
"csf" is one of the copy routines, that just store the register values
in a0+ at label "flBotRight".
At precalc time isn't crucial thing, so I didn't hesitate to rely on heavy branching just to spare me the instruction mayhem

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