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Krestmass Leftovers




Critical Mass









April 1992


Anarchy Eastern Party 1992

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 1st



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Other releases (16)

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3D demo 2 (4.31)

Anarchy Hardcore (3.8)

Brunos Box 3 (3)

Digital Innovation (4.2)

Flower power (3.57)

In The Kitchen (3.36)

Inspiration Is None (3)

Legalise It (3.83)

Legalize it 2 (3.78)

Madness (n/a)

Madness 2 (3.5)

Phantasmagoria (n/a)

Seeing is believing (3.67)

Spring Melodies (n/a)

System Violation (2.83)


User Comments (7)

comment by z5 on 11 March 2008

As a demo without a credits part, it isn't easy to determine who did what. 4-mat is certain and Krest did definately do the woman picture. The rest is a mystery. Some sites mention Critical mass (exotica puts Krest as code and Critical Mass as graphics, demondownload is doing the opposite) but i haven't seen this name popup in other demos.

So... anybody knows the real facts?

comment by Frog on 11 March 2008

I just love the Anarchy logo (screenshot 1) and the screenshot 8. Nice music too.

comment by Boogeyman on 12 March 2008

This one impressed me a lot back then - very nifty code indeed!

comment by conquest on 11 May 2008

I was in Anarchy at the time ans still remember reading Judge Drokk's note with the floppy, it was Critical Mass code; I think that was his only production!

comment by dansa on 25 January 2009

If I remember correctly, the spinning Anarchy logo at the start (screenshot 1) was coded by Kreator.

comment by mr.big on 09 July 2013

All the coding was done by Critical Mass - routines that were left out of his next production which never actually got released.

comment by Critical Mass on 12 December 2013

Holy shit, I cannot believe this thing is still out there.

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