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Commodore France A1200 Demo







Francois Pinault










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comment by z5 on 27 January 2008

Apparently, this demo was coded for Commodore France to promote the new A1200 (in shops probably). There is a version with text in french and one in english.

Would be great if somebody could give a release date (pouet mentions April 1992) and a scene nick for the grapician. Interestingly (or not), Francois Pinault is also a french billionaire (says google and wiki) but i don't think we are speaking about the same person here :o)

About the demo, nice music and effects but quite bad on the visual side of things (somebody should ban those "boing balls" to hell)

comment by Toffeeman on 28 January 2008

Really like the fact Commodore France got a scene guy to make them a shop demo. Really wish Commodore UK had done something like this! Gengis got hold of an AGA Amiga early from Commodore France and certainly made use of the head start by winning the Party 3 !.

The effect in screenshots 5 and 6 is really cool !

comment by Toffeeman on 28 January 2008

From Pouet


"This prod have a story, let me explain it here.

Gengis the coder was a french member of Digital when this prod was released, so i add this prod under the Digital group name (and because swappers of 1992 spreaded this floppy disk with Digital writen on it).

Gengis the coder, had the official A1200 specs and documentations before the computer was available in the shops! I did not know the exact story about commercial contracts with Commodore France, but this demo was shown in lots of shops in France when the A1200 was out. My copy is from a shop.

So you can easily understand why this prod allready have some good AgA effects, and why when Gengis left Digital for Complex in 1993, the Complex demos was so good, he won 1 year of AgA code studies!

I'm interested if you know other parts of this story, please write it here. "

comment by Frog on 02 February 2008

if you know a bit some demo of Gengis, this demo consist of a kind of enhanced remix of his old effect.
I like the BIG rubber (screenshot 5-6) with the Commodore logo too. (smell like Digital Innovation rubber)

comment by winden on 06 February 2008

That infinite vectors tunnel towards the end is sort of a gengis signature (as seen on other digital prods)

comment by HOŁDYS on 10 March 2009

Fantastic music CLAWZ !!!

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