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Kiero & Ubik












August 2007


Riverwash 2007

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 1st



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User Comments (10)

comment by z5 on 07 September 2007

Some info:
- the party version doesn't like Winuae so i had to exclude screenshots from the 3D scene parts.
- this is not a Madwizards release, but a sideproject by Kiero and Ubik
- the music is ripped (according to Ubik on pouet from HL2, which is i assume Half Life 2?)

comment by jay on 11 September 2007

Don't work on my 1260/64Mhz AGA - 128Mo under Os3.1 nor Os3.9 ... Loading a long time under a black screen and nothing apear ...

comment by z5 on 11 September 2007

@jay: try the option -8bit. Don't really know if it is supported in this demo (it was in Senzala) but it made a difference in Winuae so maybe it will work on your setup.

comment by kiero^mwi on 11 September 2007

some notes on this one: currently uploaded to scene.org archive is bit buggy and will give you problems with sound as seen above. corrected one should be there soon (still init time is bit long).
about technical aspects... it's really not optimized to be considered a proper release. was finished in a rush in few evenings before a party. should run at acceptable speed on fast o60s:)

comment by klipper on 11 September 2007

not sure if you have uploaded a new version but it doesn't run on 060.

comment by kiero^mwi on 11 September 2007

i did upload to scene.org/incoming but it's still there (not moved to proper dir yet. hope i did everything ok. never tried to upload anything there:). you should know if the proper binary is there by filedate.

comment by jay on 12 September 2007

@z5: i've try the -8bit option and all is perfectly working! :)

Nice design, a bit slow and short but good atmosphere.

68060/66 or more strongly recommanded

comment by skan on 13 September 2007

quite nice, damn slow!

some fx really r00l and the whole demo is better than Senzala... but a mix of the two would be perfect imho! ;P

let's wait for a final and then i'm gonna vote! ;D

comment by rloaderror on 16 September 2007

Pretty cool. I had to watch the video though. Some nice 3d, nice glow. What is exactly happening in the lightsourcing scene somewhere near the end? A big boot in the butt to the cameraman. It is like a porn movie where the cameraman is only shooting furniture and kitchen appliances and miss the real action in the bedroom. Occasionally he manages to film a few naked legs and a bit of hair maybe.

comment by jay on 27 September 2007

Fill good with my new 1200 68060/80Mhz. Near 20fps at the better time and slowdown to 13fps in the heaviests parts (7fps on 68060/50)

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