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Desert dream

















April 1993


The Gathering 1993

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 1st



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Other releases (5)

Dane (3.73)

Guardian Dragon (3.94)

Guardian Dragon 2 (4.35)

Masterpieces (4)

Megademo 8 (4.4)


User Comments (55)

comment by iCE on 25 April 2004

Always loved it... Superb!!!!!

iCE (megabyte/kefrens)

comment by calen on 30 April 2004

Ok i have commented before on this demo but this time i want to point your attention to www.amigaremix.com website, basically on April 2004 a very talented guy has remixed Part 1 of the music from Desert Dreams.
I was alittle skeptical at first as the original is one of my favourite Amiga demo tunes ever but this guy has done a wonderfull job, truely remarkable.
The only trouble is, it need to be longer :).

It's so good, that even Laxity himself loves it.

Looking forward to more of his forthcoming work

comment by earthcoder on 07 May 2004

this one is so cool, glad to see it again :)

comment by ToAks on 23 May 2004

huff this demo gave me nightmares, i watched it to death....

the music is so BRILLIANT! this is what a demo should be if its vector anyway :-)

comment by albolone on 02 June 2004

there exists a nice (very original) remix of the desert dream soundtrack on www.amigaremix.com.

whatelse to say to this demo? well, I can't image my Amiga days without it.

comment by z5 on 25 June 2004

Two interesting things from the end-scroller: this demo was in development for half a year (!). And somebody (Laxity) wrote: "The meaning of life is to become a legend". He sure did by making this demo...

comment by mailman on 03 July 2004

This demo is absolutly briliant. If there is anyone who haven't seen it, catch it and watch it because you have no idea what you are missing!

comment by Platigreg on 29 July 2004

The best demo I've ever seen !!! I still remeber the shivers going all through my body... especially with the amazing tunes ! Even now, 11 years later, as I'm writing these lines the shivers are coming back !
One tip... I remeber that once I introduced the 2nd disk first by mistake, and....
TRY IT !!! ^^
Thanks for all guys!

comment by skan on 30 July 2004

"The meaning of life is to become a legend"

If you want a part of this legend ;) , go to eBay and put your hands on Laxity's A500, the very machine on which Desert Dream was developed...

300$... ouch! 8(

comment by cpl on 09 August 2004

Always loved it... GREAT!!!!!, We had a great time...


comment by Vanquish on 08 October 2004

For me, this is the best demo of all time. In all the countless times I've watched this, it still amazes me just how well crafted this demo is. It's cinematic intro really grabs your attention and then 'BANG!', effect after effect smahes onto your screen like you've never seen before. While you are watching you think to yourself, 'wow, this is good!' and you kind of never want it to end. And it doesn't disappoint because the effects just keep on coming and keep in getting better.

Demo design and execution at it's best? Quite possibly.

comment by gluten on 09 October 2004

I love it! One of the best demos on Amiga ever for sure.
Really powerfull. Respect Laxity!

comment by zerox/gods on 17 October 2004

This is one of the biggest highlights in the history of demomaking. The demo offers lots of interesting effects and ideas, put together with great part-links, and everything is synched to the amazing music. When you think this demo is over, the next part continues. Some say this demo got a boring introduction part. I would say the entire demo is very atmospheric, with fast & fitting music. The demo got many highlights and one of them is definately the saw-effect. It's a classic!

comment by rloaderror on 26 October 2004

theres nothing touching that saw effect!! this demo rocks with the music as the main driving force. 3 parts is a lot too... and the saw... the SAW!

comment by ep.cosmik on 02 December 2004

5/5 : this is THE BEST AMIGA 500 DEMO ever released : kefrens was the demo group who was the best for building a demo with both scenario, music and code in relation ship. Their whole team was able to create an egyption ambiance, the music was so good and synced with effects, everything was interracting, and it's very theatrical like this saw trying to cut us by escaping the screen. Well it's what good demos should be : something which is perfect in all its aspect and which made a whole. Giga-greats to all the Kefrens team for such a good production.

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