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April 1994


Saturne 1994

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 3rd



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comment by Frog on 25 October 2006

Nice job from Oxygene, old ST sceners are good ;)
One of the first (?) 1 pixel 3D mapping.

comment by corial on 25 October 2006

@Frog: In 1991 the first 1 pixel texturemapper appeared, and more mappers must have occured in between the release of this amazing one...


...and then Cusco in 1994

comment by Toffeeman on 26 October 2006

This was the first demo I saw doing 1*1 pixel 3d and it was fast to ! I was always really impressed with the speed Oxbab could get out of a stock A1200 in his 3d routines.

@Corial your link is certainly interesting. That intro was before my time but reading the comments on there check this link as well

So does this demo use chunky to planar or some other technique to get this speed on a stock A1200 ? The texture mapped cube look to be running almost in 1 frame without fast ram! The shading routine was also really impressive and fast and I liked the way the music fitted in with this demo to. Although the whole thing was fairly short the quality was really high :0) A lot of people seemed to think this was a non AGA demo but it clearly wasn't.

PS z5 I noticed you don't like your copper chunky zoom rotators much ;0) Not every one was Mr Pet though !

comment by corial on 26 October 2006

@Toffeeman: oh yeah, Blitter Disaster was a great demo and so was Voyage/Razor1911 and Blittermiracle/Brainstorm (also "early" mappers). However, I still think that the cube in Cube-o-matic looked so much nicer.

comment by Frog on 26 October 2006

Thanks for the useful info. Blitter Disaster is really nice !

comment by Krishna on 30 October 2006

Very nice demo, the 3D mapper does not use c2p, the mapper works for quad and writes 4 bitplanes. The 3D also use the blitter, one bitplane is used for each face so you have 6*16 colors. It never runs in the vbl on a standard amiga :)

Oxbab is a good coder but the code used for this prod is not the best code for an amiga 1200 without fast, I've seen a better mapper done by genst/Saturn, an other ex-atari coder... but the code was never seen in any prod

comment by rloaderror on 10 December 2006

nice one. I like the graphics and general feel of it.

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