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The Electronic Knights
















May 1994


Cebit Demo Competition 1994

Amiga Demo compo

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Hologon (4.86)

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comment by noname on 25 October 2006

Amazing demo which pushes the Miggy to its limit. Very nice transitions. It's almost as good as Arte, if only the music would have been a little catchier.

comment by z5 on 25 October 2006

I only saw this demo for the first time a couple of weeks ago (hi toffeeman) and must say that i'm really impressed. It's a pity that they had to include that ugly zoomer though (screen 11 and 25). Otherwise, it would have been near perfect. What impressed me the most was the transitions between effects. They must have spent a lot of time on this. The TEK and Rampage logos are fantastic aswell.

comment by Toffeeman on 26 October 2006

Really good demo but I feel in 94 it was over shadowed by AGA demos which was unfair.

Although z5 didn't think much of the zoom rotators. I liked the fact he rotated the RGB separatley and blended them on top of each other (screen25) :0) The full screen landscape was impresive also.

The music at the end fits really well and the overall design of the demo is really good.

comment by z5 on 26 October 2006

@Toffeeman: I look at demos in a slightly different way than you. As i don't know anything about what is going on codewise (in plain english: i know nearly no effects nor the way they are coded), i can only judge a demo on how it looks/feels/... So in this case, while the zoomer might be technically impressive, it doesn't look good, due to the "not so nice" picture used for it and because very few rotozoomers actually look good. I find it quite a dull effect really (while it might be impressive codewise). :o)

comment by nwm on 31 October 2006

yep Toffeeman, this demo is the best demo on A500 OCS/ECS ever. The code is "wonderful" (believe me, I saw main part of the source, and reversed whole parts, It's purely...fantastic)

comment by nwm on 23 February 2008

@z5: which version have you used here ?

comment by z5 on 23 February 2008

@nwm: what do you mean by version?

comment by nwm on 23 February 2008

for screenshots, with winuae and aminet version with winuae, real amiga, or video... ?

comment by z5 on 23 February 2008

@nwm: screens were taken with winuae but Toffeeman did those so i can't give you more info on that.

comment by dalton on 15 May 2008

spectacular! 6 megaballs on background, I didn't think it was possible. I also liked the vectors and the horizontal stretcher. Great transitions. Poor music and design though.

comment by ZERObleu on 12 August 2008

Has anyone been able to run this in WinUAE? I'm using 1.5.0 set to cycle exact A500 OCS 1.3 with slowmem, and both the Aminet and Exotica archive crash at the landscape part.

comment by Frog on 15 August 2008

Did you try to use the WHDLoad version http://www.whdload.de/demos/TEK_Rampage.html

You can also try a fixed version : http://cyberpingui.free.fr/dl.php?id=52 then under WinUAE, disable "cycle-exact cpu and blitter"

comment by ZERObleu on 16 August 2008

Thanks, Frog, I got the demo to work now! Really impressive OCS demo.

comment by nwm on 17 August 2009

this demo finally works now with WinUae 1.6.2 b4+ . No more fix needed ^^
thanx Toni Wilen

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