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The Black Lotus
















August 2006


Assembly 2006

Combined Demo compo

ranking 1st



Minimum Required:

64Mb Fast Memory

Download Amiga:


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User Comments (68)

comment by corial on 14 August 2006

Brilliant stuff! Who did actually code what in the demo, I am a little curious since 4 coders are listed in the credits...

comment by winden on 15 August 2006

only thing can feel lacking on the demo is scrolltext at the end, so yes 5 for this one ^^

comment by DDT on 16 August 2006

Great optimizations but has no smooth transitions, parts are unrelated and it's too short. Actually the design can be better. How could this win Assembly06...
It's a 4, anyway.

comment by Temal on 17 August 2006

Holy crap!

This demo just blows away alot of the "Amiga 3D Demo-effects" stuff I've seen. I wonder though, if it will run as smooth on a real 060-machine? From what I gathered, it was running on WinUAE, which is alot faster than a real Amiga.

Anyway... I gave this a 5 because of the mood and the technical achivements in making this on an outdated hardware. The guys at TBL simply rocks when it comes to do the technically impressive stuff.

comment by bonkers on 17 August 2006


The video that have been circulating is a capture of the demo running under UAE, but the demo runs at a very acceptable speed on a 1200/060. Haven't seen it on a a4000 yet but I suspect that you would get nearly the same speed then as in the video.

comment by JuLieN on 21 August 2006

OMGMGMG... Last time I've been such impressed by an Amiga Demo was.. well, in 2001 with Mature Furks' Laapsus!
This demo has RYTHM and is technically perfect. Nice design, graphics and music. What else ?

@Temal & Bonkers
On my 4060, it runs nearly as smooth as on WinUAE, except for a few parts, like the buildings in the spider sceene.

comment by rloaderror on 22 August 2006

The crow/raven picture and animation gets a 5 from me :) . also it sort of has this technology against nature theme. Robot-fish, real fish. Cities, nature. Great monumental soundtrack again of course :) It is fast on a real amiga too.. My only real nag is that the woman doesn't seem to be IN the scene in the robotchamber part in the start.The horizon map part is cool too. First time on amiga :)

comment by z5 on 22 August 2006

My favourite part has to be the scroller before the credits part. It is in such things that i truly love TBL (in the same way that i loved the greetings part in Ocean Machine) and i wish they would do more of that. During the scroller part, the soundtrack changes, then you get that lovely entimate picture and then the "smashing" (smashing... i'm good) robot. That was so well done.

I must say that i have been watching this demo a lot and i truly love it. It's a classic for me. Also, the music is so powerful. It drives the demo. But then again, Olof is a legend :)

comment by prm on 24 August 2006

man... this is so goddamn good...

comment by klipper on 27 August 2006

it's so nice! 5/5

comment by skan on 28 August 2006

They're getting closer and closer to perfection. I'm in tears.

comment by Estrayk on 02 September 2006

Impressive !!!

comment by baderman on 17 September 2006

@ DDT:
Maybe it did, because, it isn't that bad, as you've said, and second, the competitors, still has to learn a lot from the 'professors'?

comment by _Steve_ on 25 September 2006

I would have given it a 5 if I could actually get it to even start on my A4000, and not have to rely on WinUAE to watch it (it crashes before it gets started every time on my 4000).

I loved the greetings part actually, simple yet different. The music was very nice too, and the ending crow just made me think of Resident Evil.

comment by z5 on 25 September 2006

@_Steve_: there is a final version planned so let's hope this will work on your setup (allthough i don't think it supports gfx-cards, like all other tbl releases).

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