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The Black Lotus
















August 2006


Assembly 2006

Combined Demo compo

ranking 1st



Minimum Required:

64Mb Fast Memory

Download Amiga:


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User Comments (68)

comment by Alkaron on 10 August 2006

What am I supposed to say or even do to justify all the qualities of this demo? It's the best Amiga demo ever. I have lost my jaws, can someone find them?

comment by wayne on 10 August 2006

Well after watchin' TBL's 4edge PS2 demo at BreakPoint06 I was so sad that on amiga we can't await such a "TECH" prod. So try to imagine How was I (and not only me) euphoric when i firstly saw this masterpiece!

comment by ijs on 10 August 2006

Simply unbelievable..

And thanks^2 TBL, for kicking the PC scenes' ass once again (at an M$ sponsored event even!)

comment by Frequent on 11 August 2006

Waiting for the final version.

comment by z5 on 11 August 2006

There's so much positive things to say about this demo that i'll start with a few "very minor" negative things.

The girl should be put to rest now as she has been shown in quite a few TBL demos. The font in the credits looks a bit too futuristic compared to the atmosphere and background in that part. It would have been cool to get a bit of animation when the robot smashes into the group names (the greetings part) but that would probably have been too much work and made the demo too big.

And i'm still puzzled why such a talented group still can't or won't produce

comment by z5 on 11 August 2006

a coherent demo. Because like all tbl demos since Rain, this is still a bunch of extremely good parts which aren't really connected or have a basic visual style/theme/... Allthough in this case, most of it does have the futuristic "robot" theme going though so it's better than in most TBL demos.

comment by z5 on 11 August 2006

Still, this demo looks so stunning and the soundtrack is so great that it really deserved 1st place at Assembly. Favourite parts are the intro and credits (i'm a sucker for scrolling backgrounds and that smooth sexy wipe effect on each credit). Then there is the mountain scene... must say that these mountains look very good and solid (none of that texture moving as seen in Ephidrena's last demo).

Then there is that fantastic scroller with the girl in the background, followed by the extremely nice and original "greetings" part, preceeded by that sexy look "enterminate" screen. We then go on to that great looking robot fish with is loveley animated and looks cool.

And then there is that absolutely beautiful crow scene ending the demo.

So all in all, i'd say that this demo is fucking great from start to finish really. Not coherent but great, sexy and good looking.

Only downside: i can't watch it on my real Miggy because of the 64Mb memory needed.

comment by xeron on 11 August 2006

No real new routines from TBL here, but the artwork, composition and sheer skill that has gone into it makes it one of the best uses of the TBL codebase ever.

Simply an amazingly brilliant demo.

comment by mailman on 11 August 2006

No matter what you say this demo rocks! Stunning effects. Greetings' part is the best one I have ever seen and the crows/ravens (whatever) are brilliant!

comment by bonkers on 12 August 2006

Incredible demo, very well design, I for one does not agree with the view that this is a collection of isolated effects but find the design very consistent through the demo. With each demo from TBL they raise the quality from the previous production and especially so for this one. All effects now run in 320x200 instead of the small letter-box screens we have seen before, and with animated skyboxes that is a lot of data to push onto the screen each frame, very impressive. The shadows that we were given a hint of in Requime are used to their full extent in this demo. The soundtrack fits well with the theme. Even though the code and music is excellent, what strikes me most about this demo is the amount and the quality of the graphics, it takes a lot of talent to produce 8 bit graphics of this quality, the huge amount of it shows an incredible dedication.

comment by c-frog on 13 August 2006

Only seen this in WinUAE yet, becuase of my 060 card is a bit too untrustable, plus that my Scandoubler puts up a too dark screen.. Will see it on a real hardware amiga some time though.

Anyway, this demo was a real masterpiece! Great work as usual TBL! Amazing code and fresh design! Nice to see that you crushed the PC competitors..

comment by z5 on 13 August 2006


After watching it some more, you are probably right about the consistency. It's still not as coherent as for example Ephidrena's last demo (the one with the difficult name) but it's quite consistent and coherent.

On a sidenote, this is now the first demo that has pushed Planet Potion from the top spot at the A.D.A charts. Let's see how long it is going to stay there.

comment by Toffeeman on 13 August 2006

Wow ! The king of the 060 optimizers bricade.

The tunnel scene, the greets part and the robot fish with the shadow are my fav parts.

Music is so powerfull even if you were showing a line cube it would still make it impressive !

The only thing about this demo is the amount of time before the demo kicks off after the opening credits. I think it's about 1.30 minutes ! Is it pre calculting something during this time ?

Would love to see this on A1200 with 060 !

comment by z5 on 13 August 2006

@Toffeeman: never experienced the waiting time after the credits on my setup (winuae). There's just is a fade (from white to black if i remember correctely) for 10 seconds or so and the demo continues...

comment by Toffeeman on 13 August 2006

z5 I ment just the amount of time before the first effect is about 2 minutes. The credit scene is well done just a bit to long for my liking.

Does this demo require an FPU ? I was wondering if it would work on those 75mhz 060s they made a few years back without an FPU.

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