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Moods Plateau










Intro 64k


April 2006


Breakpoint 2006

Amiga Intro 4k + Intro 64k compo

ranking 3rd



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User Comments (8)

comment by mailman on 30 April 2006

Well-designed. Worth checking out.

comment by KAM_ on 30 April 2006

Awesome music! Little funny thing. :)

comment by dirtie on 17 May 2006

juhu \0/ we are at A.D.A.

comment by dragonmood on 31 October 2006

I am sorry to ask that but how am I supposed to run the exe on an amiga emulator ?...

comment by z5 on 07 March 2007

I really enjoyed this intro from the Moods posse. While it doesn't offer record-breaking and stunning (new) effects, it is really enjoyable for other reasons. The tune is extremely catchy but somehow reminds me of another tune (probably commercial) or it could just be my imagination. Most of the effects are rather simple but really well-designed. The square effect in screen 4 is one of my all-time favourite effects (also featured in some Skid Row cracktro). Other highlights include screen 9 -> 12.

Could have done with a bit more polish on the graphics and some tweaking on the colors here and there. But really enjoyable intro.

comment by dodge on 11 January 2008

the track Maze has done is actually a cover of the famous SID tune Rubicon by Jeroen Tel & Reyn Ouwehand. Didn't know that until Xeron posted "nice remix though" on pouet and hearing the original on Nectarine.

comment by Lonewolf10 on 04 November 2010

Cool demo, but I couldn't see the last screens (last 2 pics) - all I got was a black screen and pressing the left mouse button returned to a corrupt workbench screen!! (Same results with the file from www.moodsplateau.net)
I was using WinUAE 2.0.1, set with AGA hardware (OCS & ECS crashed, or the screens were corrupt!) and the 68020 CPU (with immediate blitter).

comment by dodge on 05 November 2010

That's because it's very very lame code.
The textwriter addresses odd bytes in chip mem which the 68000 doesn't support (freezing the program) and I think, back then, used 64bit attached sprites instead of dual playfield mode to do overlays etc ( corrupted screens on OCS/ECS).
I didn't test it on my A500 - thought that switching off the accelerator and forcing the A1200 to OCS in the boot menu would be enough to check compatibility ... I was bloody wrong.

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