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Lux Aeterna Luceat Eis





Code additional:











April 2006


Breakpoint 2006

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 2nd



Download Amiga:


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User Comments (86)

comment by Frequent on 25 January 2008

Yes I know.. We all use pc's and Apple computers nowdays. Shame on us :)

comment by z5 on 25 January 2008

@frequent: any means (flattery, swear words,...) are good to motivate loaderror but i'm running out of ideas :o) Honestly though, it's a pity because at one point, this engine existed and worked (hence this demo) and seemed to feature a lot of nifty stuff. So why not find some motivation to get it going again (time, real life, work permitting ofcourse).

comment by Frog on 25 January 2008

i'm agree with z5, this demo is really wonderful and deserve to have a final version.

@frequent : any way to listen to your new music ?

comment by z5 on 26 January 2008

@frog: see the myspace thread in the A.D.A. forum for frequent's url

comment by rloaderror on 26 January 2008

If you make a petition with enough names on it then maybe I''ll be a bit more motivated for finishing it... :)

comment by un0 on 26 January 2008

You can put my name on the petition.

There's so much potential left in this demo, don't waste it.
Please. Final version. Now ;)

comment by Frog on 26 January 2008

http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/Lux_aeterna_FINAL :))

comment by z5 on 26 January 2008

@frog: please don't give in to those arrogant b*st%$#rds :o)

Come to think of it... the output of this petition might turn out so poor (like two or three persons) that Eph finally start to understand how unpopular they actually are :o) hehe

Anyway, joking aside, in the end it's Load who has to find the motivation and there's nothing we can do about it. At least we tried with this thread.

comment by z5 on 26 January 2008

@load: one last thing and off-topic: can i add alice copper to A.DA. without the exe (so just screenshots)?

comment by Frequent on 26 January 2008

I dont think a petition is enough to get this thing done :) But maybe some bribery will help? :) I remember there where some rumours about Virtual Dreams, who wanted money for one of their demos way back in the nineties. Can anybody confirm that?

comment by extralife on 28 January 2008

Eew, I hope those rumours are not true ;)
Still as you all said a final of this masterpiece, would be soo much apreciated and for the love of god loadie and crew give us something to bragg about at BP08 :D If nothing else just to whipe that smurk off of kalms face ;)

comment by rloaderro on 28 January 2008

I only see two names in the petition.. More people wanted to have Deluxe Paint VI from EA.. Come on!

comment by z5 on 28 January 2008

2 people... more of a success than i thought. I wouldn't be surprised if the second person was actually bribed/talked into it/brainwashed into it by the first person though so don't let it get to your head yet :o)

How about this challenge: do a new demo and actually try to get into the top 10 A.D.A. charts for a change. Eternal glory and all that...

comment by extralife on 28 January 2008

correction 3 people.........hehe z5 good point, I see kalms on the top 10 on more than one spot, guess he's still laughing his butt off.....

comment by z5 on 29 January 2008

(motivation strategy nr. 34)

Word has it that How and Nerve are actually the only two good coders in Ephidrena. Maybe you should let them have a go at ressurecting your engine.


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