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Mobile Destination Unknown




Lone Starr


TMB designs







April 1993


The Gathering 1993

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 3rd



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Other releases (39)

Raw (4.75)

9 fingers (4.48)

Badass 5000 (3.36)

Choke (3.64)

Copperophilia (3)

Dark Helmets (4.22)

Dataskull (4)

Emperor of the North Pole (4)

Eurochart 40 Intro (3.33)

Fusion is no good for me (3.5)

Goon Royale (5)

Hideous Mutant Freak (4.33)

Hog (3.97)

Korreks (4)

Makt (4.25)

Nightlight (5)

Norwegian Kindness (4.12)

Party Elkstravaganza (n/a)

Popjunkie (4)

Powergod (3.5)

Psycho Killer (3.9)

Sci-fi (3.36)

Solskogen Invitation 2001 (3.25)

Sparklingbluearcticlight (4)

Spasmania (3.11)

Stars of another sky (3)

State of the art (4.7)

Straff (3.9)

Supah hero (3.64)

Supermonster (3.37)

Total Dominance (4)

Vold (3.57)

You are Lucy (4.2)

FistPig (4.4)

King Of Fuck (2.89)

Sotakyrpa (4.11)

Timur Lenk (4.45)

We don't understand (3.59)

The underground capital of sweden (3.67)


User Comments (6)

comment by Bugsy on 25 January 2005

Audiomonster makes awesome use of crappy samples =)

The demo itself is a little boring, but the music and the camera-movements makes up for it.

comment by skan on 01 February 2005

Oh, sweet memories... :...(

comment by prm on 04 February 2005

one disk of precalculations. very stylish though. but, it's the music that makes this demo good.

comment by ijs on 11 August 2006

Nothing stunning in particular, but it's such a smooth ride, just a pleasure to watch (and hear!) from time to time!

comment by Boogeyman on 26 July 2007

Well, Lone Starr was apparently the only one at the time who managed to code a useable routine (non runtime) to turn bitmap graphics into to an optimized set of 2d lines ready to be blitter filled, which he also used in "State of the art" and "9 fingers".

He should get some props for that :)

comment by RaHoW on 02 April 2008

i always thought that Lonestarr done this demo because too much people blame him about always use his vector-video-converter ^^

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