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Death Trial














April 2000


Ukonx 2000

Amiga Demo compo

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Amiga ppc

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comment by rloaderror on 03 December 2004

the cool thing about this demo is that it sticks to the theme all the way. My problem is that the theme itself is a bit worn out (it is 5000bc old actually)... The 2d 3d was a pretty cool idea though.. Maybe it would have been cooler to go monochrome 2d hieroglyph style instead (Like the egyptians drew). Skip the pink stuff :) We're not girls anyway..

comment by StormLord on 19 December 2004

Its one of the first PPC demos I watched and shocked me. You see I was used to the standart effects seen on older 68kdemos and that was something different.
Also it added to the feeling that it was (for me) the first PPC demo that could compare with good 68k demo groups, all the others I have watched until then was just first steps in something new.

comment by krabob on 20 December 2004

>Maybe it would have been cooler to go monochrome 2d hieroglyph style
> instead (Like the egyptians drew).

In fact, originally, the hieroglyph on the monumnet was painted with deutch colorschemes at the times (really), red, yellows... ( !!! ) But with the time the paint was cleared.

comment by krabob on 20 December 2004

hey, just after my previous comment, i made research about the colors the high priest used to paint the hieroglyph, and I found a french article about just this, and you will > NEVER BELIEVE ME < No deutch colorscheme concept here. It even seems that the ephidrena members has all been egyptian high-priest in other lifes. (it would answer some unexplained misteries). The ephidrena color work is very close to the mystic egyptian color thought (see the blues). It comes from:


I couldn't manage to babelfish it directly, so let me translate:

"For religious painting, the priests only allowed that seven colors: red, blue, yellow, the brown one, green, the white and black. Here are their signications:


the white color is the symbol of the joy and ostentation. It points out the color of dawn, the light which triumphs over darkness. It also represents silver whose bones of the gods are made. it's the color of the crown of High-Egypt, the hedjet which is assembled to the crown of Low-Egypt to form it pschent.

Light blue

the light blue is the symbol of the air in the sky. it's also the color of the Amon god who was, at the begining, a god of the wind.

deep Blue (lapis lazuli) <-(krabob: lapis lazuli is the plant to make this blue.)

the dark blue of the lapis lazuli sinks is the symbol of the celestial voute the night, and the abyssals zone.

Blue turquoise

...is the watery symbol of the Nile universe, wher all life take form.


the yellow color is the gold symbol , the sun to its zenith and immortality (krb: link with tulou ?). It is about he color of the flesh of the gods.


the color black is the symbol of the fertility, the rebirth and safeguarding. It's the color of the silt brought by the Nile to each flood, and which fertilizes the ground. The ancient name of egypt, Kemit, means the "black cotton soil". Osiris and Anubis are often represented with the black skin.


the red color is the symbol of violence, the desert, blood, of death, but also of the victory. Also color of the Seth god, the destructor. The crown of Low-Egypt, the desheret, is of red color (although north is very rich in vegetation with in particular the delta).


the green color is found with the hieroglyphe representing a papyrus. It symbolizes obviously the vegetation, but also youth, good health and regeneration. The Osiris flesh is sometimes represented in green.

comment by rloaderror on 20 December 2004

@krabob : cool!! Now I want a remix using only those colours or I'll tell RA to kick your ass :) Ive seen some hieroglyph stuff while reading history, and the described colours fit very well with what I saw from examples.

comment by mailman on 18 December 2005

Very good production. I go with StormLord - this is the first PPC demo I watched and which really made me feel that I am not watching just a bundle of ultra-superb effects because coder wanted to show the speed of PowerPC. The egyptian theme from the very beginning until the very end is big advantage. Although that part with scales and falling Egyptian are little funny :)

comment by jack-3d on 06 May 2011

Yes one of the first interesting PPC demos, when I saw it first time I could not believe such beautiful 3D is running on my Amiga. I love the style, story and mainly 3D. I was/am even thinking give it CDC on pouet, because this demo was and still heart-warming thing.

comment by dodge on 06 May 2011

Ahhh what a neat coincidence. This demo directly describes the opposite end of the khemitian (ancient egyptian) solar cycle and the way through the Tuat as our latest production - Kheper - describes the beginning of this 5-stage-cycle.

What we experience in this demo is the "way to the West" - as there was no term for "death" in ancient egypt - of the human physical projection (the "Ka"), the body & personality, into the stage of "Amun", the hidden realm called the Tuat.
Once the deceased entered, Neter Anubis blocks the way and leads the deceased to the 42 assessors and the scale of Neter Ma'at who bears the "Feather of Truth". Now your conscience must answer the Assessors' 42 questions negatively ( i.e. "no, I have never stolen", "no, I never killed a man" ... ) and those will affect the proverbial "weight" of your soul (i.e. heart) against the Feather of Truth.
If you during your life incurred guilt and shame onto your "heart", Anubis won't let you pass through the Tuat but instead will feed your immortal conscience to the Neter Ammit who would devoure that what should become immortal after passing the Tuat.

In this case the guy fails the questions and his conscience will be obliviated instead of being transmuted and born into a higher dimension (not re-incarnated) by Neter Kheper.

Oh ... I'm not a big fan of Fly-By-demos but I like this one from a totally non-demoscenish perspective :)

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