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Intro 64k


August 1998


Quast 1998

Amiga Intro 64k compo

ranking 2nd



Minimum Required:

Some Fast Mem



Download Amiga:


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Traffic (4.09)


User Comments (8)

comment by z5 on 12 September 2004

Never seen this one myself so i had to trust on Kempy's (hopefully :) ) good taste when he said this is surely good enough to be included here. It doesn't work on my 68030, not on my 68060, not in WinUAE. Tried everything but never found why it doesn't work. On each configuration i tried, i pass the system config checker at the beginning with flying colors, but the XPK decrunching always lets me down. I do have the xpk software installed, and a whole lot of compressors in my libs drawer but seemingly not the correct ones... Anybody knows the solution here? After 6 years of trying, i do have given up on this one.

comment by kempy on 13 September 2004

Ha! Like this one, especially because of nice music and its anti-M$ climate. ;) Overall it's nothing astonishing, but i watch this intro from time to time. Personal feelings... August of 1998 was just a great month for Polish demo-scene. One month - three huge parties: Quast, Intel Outside and Gravity. Eh...

Problems with launching? It's my trick: install MCP and turn NOGURU option on. After start, when requester pops up, choose JUMPT TO RTS button. It should work. Thanks for MCP and its feature - it helped me a lot btw.

comment by kempy on 13 September 2004

...this intro was a kind of rebirth of Polish section of Mystic. They also tried to create some demo (unofficial name "Demon Box") but coder demonstrated his unreliablity so they gave up. Later another MST coder - MSS with help of Slider and Dzordan also tried to do some miggy demo, but due to unhappy accident (as i heard - thunder striked MSS' house and burnt lot of electronic equipment including his Amiga) this production has never seen a dayligt. Later Polish Mystic vanished.

comment by gluten on 07 October 2004

Greetings! After 6 years it's really nice to see that somebody watches my productions from time to time. Z5 - You must have XPK Squash installed. If You still have problems please contact me. It's system friendly intro - can run in multitasking. It needs FPU. The best one is that one from 68030, 68040+ haven't got full instruction set. That's why there is very long precalc before running intro.

Demon Box was mainly coded by Luke/Mystic and wasn't released. Luke was genius from C64 scene - his code really rocks and believe me that demo could be one of the best demos on Amiga scene. So bad that never released.

comment by gluten on 07 October 2004

I meant it uses XPK SHRI - it's time for me to go to bed.

comment by z5 on 07 October 2004

Thanks for passing by and saying hello :) Still can't make your intro work though :(
I do have xpkmaster.library in my libs drawer and xpkSHRI.library installed in my libs/compressors drawer so everything is there, i guess. Still get a xpk unpacking failure though...

comment by gluten on 07 October 2004

It's really strange - I have tested it on many configs and no problems. What's your config? After the text "Decrunching XPK data" You should have dots. First dot means that library was succesfully opened and the next dots You can see when decrunching files. If You haven't got any dots it's problem with opening the library.

comment by z5 on 08 October 2004

When loading, i pass the system checker and i get 7 dots at the xpk decrunching, followed by a failed. And indeed, when i remove the xpkshri.library from my libs drawer, i only get 1 dot at the xpk decrunching. Quite a neat system with the dots :) But that still doesn't solve my problem... My config is quite standard: A1200, 68060, 32Mb Ram. No gfx-card or any other extra hardware. And it is just the same when i plug in my 68030 board. I think it will remain a mystery forever :)

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