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Push Entertainment





Intro 4k


August 2004


Assembly 2004

Combined Intro 4k compo

ranking ?



Minimum Required:

13Mb Mem
Warp 3D

Download Amiga:


Other releases (6)

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Humus 2 (3.76)

Humus 3 (4.15)

Humus 4 (3.86)

Incision (4.53)

Mental (4.5)


User Comments (28)

comment by mailman on 15 August 2004

Although Exploder is doing still the same things on the same engine but for me he still rocks! In 4 kB such an amount of data... Amazing.

comment by z5 on 15 August 2004

I really don't know what to vote anymore for Exploder's intros... The tune is a cover from a song called "Overdrive" from an artist called "Ron Van Den Beuken" (try google...you can actually listen to the original as there is an mp3-clip available) and it actually does sound better than the original. Quite impressive sound engine for a 4k. As for the visuals, the typical Exploder style seen in all intros before. Must admit though that i was hugely impressed by the that one tunnel with the smoke trails in it.

My question to other coders remains: is Exploder a good coder and is this sort of intro difficult to code? I do have the impression that he really is a gifted coder, but without anybody cooperating on graphics and music, he will always make the same intros again and again, which is a shame if you actually do have the talent... Long time ago, i read an interview with Exploder (i think it was in Showtime) where he said that he wasn't interested in the Amiga anymore. So why continue creating intros? Is it for the money? And what about other coders? Do you actually make productions to win the prize money in competitions?

comment by KAM_ on 16 August 2004

rebirth is incredible. maybe music isn't original. dunno. but intro is sooo great. it's the best 4k I've ever seen. great sound engine, superb video engine. we love U, Exploder :PPP.

comment by kempy on 16 August 2004

i say "no!" to all brasilian tv series. i say "no!" to "humus 5" too!

comment by rloaderror on 17 August 2004

theres no doubting that the lead instruments kick ass here :) The sound is as clean as it gets on amiga I guess. Theres quite a lot of melodydata in here too.. Now bring on some heavier drums and crispy hihats and this can become a perfect poptrance engine in 4k!!

Nice tunnel too , but Im not that into the colour scheme here.. Too saturated for me. It looks a bit like the Astral Projection Dancing Galaxy cover ;)

As this is warp 3d I assume most of it is different from Humus4 anyway.. so good going.

comment by xeron on 17 August 2004

The synth is awesome. The tunnel is actually a 3 layer, and not recycled from previous humus intros (which were one layer, and not W3D), but it still looks very similar to the old tunnels. Lots of bad scene poetry, which is probably a first for a 4k... ;-)


Yes, this takes a lot of talent to fit into 4k.

comment by ToAks on 18 August 2004

i would just like to say that this is our last scene prod ever, also me and exploder worked very hard on this production since it was the first hw accelerated intro to ever be made.

people called us recyclers from the first second , people said it was crap , yet we won with 11000 votes in the compo, but we got disqualified but the main thing here is, everyone keeps slamming us for winning compos and everytime they call us recyclers, to them of you who cant see a difference between AGA and HW accelerated effects, well... then you guys suck and should pay more attention.

we checked around on pc scene and asked what they thought of the intro and we get a totally diffrent POV from just about EVERYONE! .

this is the time for me to put down my suitcase and just move on , me and the rest of push will stay on amiga but only with games and we will continue the scene on pc (where i wont be director since im not a pc guy and never will)

thanx to everyone for slamming crap in our face.
thanx for using the irc channel #amigascne as a gamers lamers channel (yes we hang there too)

anyway im not mad for loosing assembly like we did, we wanted just to show that we could beat the hell out of last years winner (anyone remember the comments?), the scene used to be about status and quality and most of all a certain style......and not bitching 24/7

ps:mental 2 was supposed to have been released at asm 04 as a 64kb but was withdrawn by me in the last minute.

comment by ToAks on 18 August 2004

z5: u have got it all upside down , me and exploder (and the rest of the team) make GAMES for PS2 / AMIGA ONE etc, this is our life (just like PSYCHO / LOONIES and all in tbl etc) .

The scene has always been a part of me and expoders life , we always had a special feeling about it and everytime i said ENOUGH made us hide from the scene for about 12 months , its good to compete and its good to see that someone can win by miles over others etc, this is what the scene used to be about and imho it should be still (people showing their talents) .

As for GFX and music , if you had any clue about coding a 4k then you wouldnt have accused us for beeing lame (thats how i interpreted it) and have no design, i directed this prod for a long time and if you think the tunnels or the text etc is crap, well then remeber its a 4k intro with an amazing quality in sound oh and its full API coded (no hardware bashing) .

anyway its the end now so you wont have the pleasure of calling us recyclers or the guys with lame design etc, weird part is that if our prods is so damn lame how the hell do we manage to win partys etc?

yes i feel its a conspiracy, everytime we release something ... the whole amigascene must kick our nuts.

anyway i dont have any real grief about all of this since i know how the scene is on amiga theese days (too little people) but i find it sad that people wont appriciate a killer 4k when they see it.

ps: the music was not made by exploder , it was made (notes) by our musician and he somewhat managed to give us a track he didnt copy with a plan, so its a rather sad story (misunderstandings etc...) but the music code is by exploder and as always he should have all credits (as he is the king) :-)

i hope the scene will wake up (bp2004 was a good start but also made alot of sceners go away due to lame rules and alot of diversity...


comment by hooligan on 18 August 2004

Soundengine, fabulous

comment by hooligan on 18 August 2004

comment by rloaderror on 17 August 2004

>Nice tunnel too , but Im not that into the colour scheme here.. Too saturated for me. It looks a bit like the Astral Projection Dancing Galaxy cover ;)

EYY!! Nuttin' wrong with AP =)

comment by z5 on 18 August 2004

Please don't place words into my mouth that i haven't said and reread what i wrote. Nowhere did i say that the tunnels are crap (unless you interprete "hugely impressed" as finding it crap), nor that the text sucks. Nowhere did i state that Push is lame (unless you interprete "gifted coder" as being lame). And as for Amiga ppl not liking Push productions, see the votes underneath. And as for not liking the colors, i do feel that i am entitled to my opinion. As for that interview, i didn't write the interview, Exploder did. As for the music, i'm not lying either. Try google and you will find the song. Not that i have anything against ripping music personally, but i do find it rather sad that it wasn't mentioned in the readme. One small line in the readme stating the source of the song, was all that was needed and nobody would have ever talked about it.

And in the end, if i really should have had anything against Push, this intro would never had made it to A.D.A. Thank you very much for the insults.

comment by piru on 18 August 2004


The synth rules, and the tunnel is pretty cool. However, the music was ripoff, and there is no excuse. The engine is great, but unfortutately the ripped tune spoils it a bit.

I just can't understand your reaction here, I would have thought you guys have thicker skin than this.

Oh, about the OS compatibility, unfortunately it's not 100% compatible. The font routine ignores the tf_Modulo and uses fixed value of 192 instead. Details http://www.iki.fi/sintonen/rebirth-fontfix.txt

comment by hooligan on 18 August 2004


As you said "we worked very hard", what did you do for this intro, btw?

comment by ToAks on 18 August 2004

hooligan: alot , thats all i will ever say.

if it hadnt been for me then you wouldnt have seen mental or rebirth, thats for sure.

piru: yes jpv or pysky told me and i will see if i ever bother to fix that, it works on os4 (a1) fine and that was my only attention really (without trying to break for pegasos/mos) , im busy with games dev. (as usual) so please be abit more patient.


comment by ToAks on 18 August 2004

z5: you're like me, always getting too "hot" in yer head.

i withdraw my comments so far but i add this: (sort of anyway)

u said: I really don't know what to vote anymore for Exploder's intros... The tune is a cover from a song called "Overdrive" from an artist called "Ron Van Den Beuken" (try google...you can actually listen to the original as there is an mp3-clip available) and it actually does sound better than the original.

and i reply: if you like it, VOTE , if you dont...well then dont vote.
remixes of music has been used in the scene since dawn of time but i (THE MANAGER OF PUSH) had NO idea about it beeing a rip /remix nor exploder knew this , this responsibility lays on the head of the musician (in our team (not a scener) ) who copied the song and remixed it.

as a last note, i talked to the owner (the day after asm was over) of overdrive and showed him the mp3 + the video of the intro, he had no grudges and found it weird to the intro beeing disqualified as there has been many remixes of all his songs including overdrive which havent been "officially" acknowledged beforehand with the author himself.

cheers and remeber this aint an attack and wasnt intended as one either.

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