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December 1994


The Party 1994

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 3rd



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Other releases (3)

Cyberia (3.23)

Shaft 7 (4.41)

e255 (4)


User Comments (10)

comment by z5 on 24 June 2004

I really enjoyed the productions that french demo teams were making at that time. Groups like Complex, Bomb and Oxygene. Gengis was a very good coder, Clawz was a fantastic musician and they had a bunch of talented graphicians like Made, Hof and Titan. This demo is one of those great productions of that time. Difficult to get running on anything but the right hardware (probably an 68030), like many other demos from that 1994-95 period. Why was the 68030 so different than the 68040 and 060?

Anyway, great soundtrack by Clawz, nice graphics and some cool effects. I really enjoyed the credits part at the beginning. The walking tube was well done too. And the effect in screenshot 8 was cool. Haven't seen such an effect in many demos. Didn't like the Doompart that much though but i suppose it was quite revolutionary at that time. If i remember correctly, there was a (commercial?) game released with this engine. After that, i think Gengis dissapeared from the Amiga scene, which is a shame...

comment by kempy on 23 August 2004

This demo is worth to check from time to time. Sunny's opening picture looks like a retouched scan for me...

Anyway, this 3d engine was improved and used in (IMHO) great fpp shooter named "Fears".

comment by ntsc on 16 November 2004

the fisrt picture from suny is de digit ....just see the movie "cliffhanger" at the begining when thr girl is falling...if you pause it a this moment...it's the same picture :)

But i can't run it under winuae...the demo crash after the motion logo.
when it run it's very very very slow..but no crah :)

comment by rloaderror on 16 November 2004

superb pics from suny and trajan.. some nice doom code and nifty effects in here too... clawz made a great tune.. it is rather cool isnt it? :)

comment by Toffeeman on 06 November 2005

Excellent demo again from Gengis, Clawz and Hof.

Was the effect in screenshot 3 done using Chaos scrollregister trick or is it using copper chunky and I just can't notice the large pixels ?

comment by aPx^a1k on 17 May 2006

Link changed:


comment by extralife on 28 January 2008

How many times I have said, wow thats the best demo I ever seen, I dunno, so I won't say that here, but I totally dig this one. From loader pic (soo awesome) to very nice effects, esp. screen 6 and 8 and the superb music track by clawz. I simply canīt watch this one enough, I totally love it.
Fast and furious 4/5 from me.

comment by RaHoW on 19 March 2008

I don't think Suny use a digit to do this. I saw other personal pictures from him and they also look photorealistic.
He does like 99% of graphic artist on Amiga at thoses times ---> used an exisiting picture or illustration as model ...

Anyway great Bomb demo, better than "Origin" or the "Real" (by Complex but done by the same team"

comment by mailman on 08 August 2011

A very nice production with some nice effects. What's more, we have here a 3D engine which became later commercial game "Fears".

comment by rloaderro on 14 May 2022

Really love that x-vector world in screenshot 3. It isn't a pure chunky effect is it? I'm wondering if it is selecting from zoomed bitmaps per scanline. And again.. maybe it is possible to make a silky smooth Amiga wolfenstein clone like this by simply asking players to turn their monitor 90 degrees :) Pretty tantalizing.

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