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Live Axxion - the showdown


Up Rough






Stewart One








April 2004


Breakpoint 2004

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 6th



Minimum Required:

12Mb Fast Mem

Download Amiga:


Other releases (5)

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Gbg (3.73)

15 years of fame (4)

April in paris (3.5)

Cool Ska Cool (3.27)


User Comments (16)

comment by wayne on 24 April 2004

Cool to see new Up-Rough demo production. I must send a big hello to SPOT.

comment by KAM_ on 24 April 2004

quite interesting artwork, but boring a bit. and it's not 'my' atmosphere.

comment by Murakami on 25 April 2004

Great stuff ! I LOVE it !! Really !!!

comment by rloaderror on 26 April 2004

oooh. this is just so sexy!!

comment by rloaderror on 06 May 2004

Is that rapping made inhouse or have you fetched it off a record? Really cool :)

comment by tecon on 24 May 2004

If you gonna keep this up, Up, then fugettabatem ghettoblasters kids.. take your Amiga instead :) YEah!

comment by skan on 25 May 2004

Not my style at all, but i must say: COOL!!! ;)

comment by z5 on 25 May 2004

Hiphop will always be a difficult subject for demos. Seems that people in general are either really into hiphop or really hate it (and demosceners appear to be more against than pro). There doesn't seem to be a lot of people in between. At least, that is the general idea i get when talking to people about hiphop. Fake Electronic Lightshow also had a bit of a hiphop theme to it (allthough not a hiphop soundtrack) and you get the same reactions...

Personally, i like a good hiphop tune now and again. But not that really commercial stuff and certainly not that stuff where the word Bitch seems to be the complete dictionary of the rapper. This tune is rather fantastic, i must say. The flute adds a really groovy element to it. Visuals in this demo are fantastic too. Very fresh and original and damn good looking. My only reason for not giving this a 5/5 is that the demo could have done with a bit more variety. Excellent stuff.

comment by skan on 26 May 2004


Honestly the only "pure" hiphop thing I can stand is BeastieBoys (their DJ is fantastic!) and oldskool stuff ("oldskool" referred to hiphop, of course! ;). Sorry, this is a limit...

comment by scicco on 02 July 2004

objective: very cool intro with great design
subjective: hmm..not my cup of coffee but well done.

comment by tecon on 03 July 2004

(continuing offtopic)

@z5&skan: It's a theme that we could argue over in a discussion forum, so please speed up the production of ADA v2 - to those responsible! :)

comment by xeron on 08 November 2005

I wasn't too taken by this when i first saw it, but on repeated viewings it really grew on me. Its nice.

comment by corial on 11 April 2008

Really creative shit!

comment by pintcat on 14 June 2008

Very stylish and technical brillian. Without being a true hiphop fan I must say I love it - even the music!

comment by skipp604 on 23 June 2008

This is THE shit!! AWESOME! =) Kicks so much ass :-)

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User Votes: Average: 4 points (27 votes)

vote by z5: 5/5

vote by wayne: 5/5

vote by KAM_: 3/5

vote by dairos: 4/5

vote by Murakami: 5/5

vote by rloaderror: 5/5

vote by baderman: 4/5

vote by stakka: 4/5

vote by tecon: 3/5

vote by britelite: 4/5

vote by Ralph Wiggum: 3/5

vote by ashitaka: 4/5

vote by scicco: 3/5

vote by strife/apathy: 4/5

vote by Frequent: 4/5

vote by skan: 4/5

vote by DeXXo: 4/5

vote by dalton: 5/5

vote by DJBase: 4/5

vote by tjahzi: 4/5

vote by xeron: 4/5

vote by at0m: 3/5

vote by corial: 4/5

vote by dodge: 4/5

vote by pintcat: 5/5

vote by skipp604: 4/5


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