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Myster & Tremor





















October 1998


Dreamhack 1998

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 1st



Minimum Required:

8Mb Fast Mem



Download Amiga:


[file 2]

Other releases (1)

Delta (3.57)


User Comments (21)

comment by ToAks on 23 May 2004

another demo thats a pain in the neck to get running :-( , but when it works its happy days.

Rock on!

comment by Kaminari on 09 July 2004

Great demo from the coders of Killer. Terrific Part 1 soundtrack by Bass-Cadet!

comment by slayer on 15 August 2004

It's great demo with nice design and effects. It's sad that this production is a bit unknown in amiga scene. Watch it!

comment by z5 on 15 August 2004

My feelings exactly! Underestimated and too unknown in the Amga scene. At that time, Embassy was evolving into an absolute topgroup, with releases getting better and better: Bangcock, Delta and then this one, which is the best of the three. Sadly, it was also the last Amiga demo from Sly and Humanoid :(

They definately invented some innovative and good looking effects! My favourite part has to be the first part, with a truly fantastic soundtrack. Pity that the soundtrack of the 2nd part isn't so good. And is it me or does the 2nd part soundtrack actually plays louder than the 1st one? I always set my speakers to max for the 1st part, but i always turn them down on 2nd part.

comment by rloaderror on 25 November 2004

screenshot 10 scene looks nice.. This kind of leads up to the killer demo too.. in some way.

comment by bonkers on 18 April 2005

Great demo, shame it was the last one from Embassy. Great code.

comment by humanoid on 19 April 2007

Hellou.. I have to say that we haven't gone anywhere (apart from working in IT industry)..

Still have plans to release the two demos we never had time to finnish ;)..

It's nice to see that people actually have seen some of our demos.

ps. The second part music loudness / change in volume was intentional. 1st part music is actually made with a little bit lower volume than the "normal level".. The effect worked great on dreamhack'98 as the second part KICKED in and the organizers almost blew their loudspeakers... LOL ;) .. we had fun

comment by humanoid on 19 April 2007

I still have to say that there are real badass effects in our source code repositorio. Too bad that we didn't have time to complete our '99 asm demo.. well maybe some day..

Yours truly, humanoid / embassy

comment by z5 on 19 April 2007

@humanoid: are you serious about releasing two demos? On pc or Amiga? It's been nearly 10 years since Myster & Tremor... Then again, Andromeda came back after 13 years (though on pc).

Anyway, it would be absolutely great to see Embassy back!! I hope you find the motivation!

comment by humanoid on 19 April 2007

Definitely an Amiga demo that can be run on 060 Amigas. The 3d engine and demosystem would be the same as in bangcock, delta, killer and m&t..

Well I had a harddrive failure on one of my a4k drives, luckily it didn't hold any of the code, just initial versions of graphics and stuff that was planned into couple demos. I have to fix that machine someday with a new set of drives and so on. However that drive contained backups of Sly's old machine.

All the important stuff has been backupped to pc / uae already ;).

We haven't utilized most of our "3d engine's" features at all. There are about 4-6 parts that are already finalized and some parts that are halfway and it makes about 12 + variations to have a decent demo.

comment by z5 on 19 April 2007

@humanoid: in that case, with the demosystem and 3D engine in place, it would be a real shame not to make a new demo (time permitting ofcourse) :) Interest in amiga coding seems to be increasing again and some people (like Jamie / Skarla) are trying to make a comeback so... bring back Embassy already :o)

comment by corial on 19 April 2007

@humanoid: now that was a pleasant surprise to see you back. Myster and Tremor still kicks some major ass. Please bring Basscadet back into the scene - I need more of his great music :)

comment by heetach on 19 August 2007

I must say I really liked the embassy demos. they were major inspiration in the late nineties. lots of cool stuff, and steady improvements along the way. it sucks killer was the end of line for these guys.

comment by Frog on 07 February 2008

I'm agree with all above comment, a killer underestimated demo !

I hope someday Humanoid wiil have the motivation and desire to finish their demo for Asm'99 :)

comment by z5 on 22 March 2008

Upped my vote for this one. In retrospect, it's an amazing demo.

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