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Fake Electronik Lightshow













April 2003


The Gathering 2003

Combined Demo compo

ranking 2nd



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User Comments (25)

comment by z5 on 30 July 2003

I just love this demo. The first time i watched it, i had that 'bloody hell, this is awesome, let me rewatch it 10 times in a row' feeling. I like everything about it. The music is just phat. And good music is what drives Loaderror into making kickass demos (at least i think so).

The visuals are brilliant too. Effects are cool with good synchro and it has that 'a lot is going on' feeling of demos like Concrete and Substral, with colors switching from color to grey,...

The airplane scene is one of the best scenes i have ever seen in an Amiga demo. Amazing what can be achieved on such old and outdated hardware. Ok, the scene does not really fit into the demo, but the atmosphere is brilliant, with the music going 'chip'-alike.

A brilliant demo!

comment by skan on 09 September 2003

And they say TBL prods are boring! What to say about this one? One of the worst demos ever seen, with terrible music and some good effects, ok, but completely out of place. Sorry, I think Ephidrena are not that good and their approach to other sceners (see the reference to TBL in the read.me file) is quite offensive. Sorry z5, i must disagree this time.

comment by skan on 10 September 2003

OK, I've been too heavy with my comment. I won't change the vote, but I'll say that the demo is not so bad after all. Still boring and not worth seeing more than twice IMHO. The fact is that I hate hip-hop references into demos ('cause I hate hip-hop as a whole cultural movement for a good 90%) and that Ephidrena guys are damn good and talented people should publish high-profile (on every single aspect) prods only ;)

comment by rloaderro on 11 September 2003

The readme file never said : " tbl make boring demos". It says something about "Im glad we didnt have to go up against tbl on mekka(breakpoint)". Then it follows that I know the tbl guys are skilled. The essence of the readme is that certain groups get votes based on their fame and not necessarily based on the current prod. Its a bit like people who are fans of a band and as a result they have to like all their songs even if they only fart in a microphone and release it, these people would go :"Oh, they are geniouses. Amazing!". People who get angry with my statements in the readme are always huge tbl fans too :)

I guess That Rubberduck and Kalms will try to push me off a cliff at the next annual TBL barbeque next year. :)

comment by skan on 11 September 2003

@ rioaderro
you did it again. yes I'm a huge TBL fan, but I can be objective enough to say they did better things when their prods fly on lower profiles. anyway it's true you never said their demos are boring, but there's a subtle approach in the way you express your opinions ;)

Peace :)

comment by bLa on 15 October 2003

another killing prod !

comment by Gargaj on 09 January 2004

Total dope. 'Nuff said.

comment by skan on 09 February 2004

I've been a d*ckh3ad with my previous comments... Anyway, I still hate hiphop muzik/photos in there (even if I must admit the graffiti walls are cooool!!!), they don't fit at all, IMHO.
Great tech skills, cool sync, but the airplane's env-mapping should reflect the mountains around instead of a generic silver texel ;)... and please, THROW AWAY CYPRESS HILL!!!!! ;)



comment by z5 on 09 February 2004

Well, several months and a lot of rewatches later, i find this to be one of Ephidrena's best demo, maybe even the best. And one of my alltime favourites. The soundtrack is just amazing, one of the most kicking demotunes. Really minor negative point: the lighted balls in front of the green graffiti screen does not really fit into the demo. The effect is too "demo-ish" looking for a hiphop style demo. What i find particulary fantastic is the colorising of some backgrounds, especially the green/orange/... in for example the background picture of the credits and the first screen. Looks really fantastic.

This really should be in the top30 chart. I'm really looking forward to next Ephidrena release.

comment by ToAks on 23 May 2004

this demo aint bad but it aint good either... solid in places but lacks the little extra!

comment by tecon on 24 May 2004

Ok it seems I'll be the first one, among all these ephidrena fans, to put the finger on the fact that re-using an effect from Flux (1999) is quite cheap :) Even though it's polished up. Anyway, I definately agree with z5 that this module by Zixaq is second to NONE and is the main reason for giving this a 4. The flight scene though; too unpolished imho :( Nice idea yeah, yeah.. just those annoying white pixels.

You could think the demo ends after the plain have been flying around for a little while in full screen mode and split screen mode, when the tune is fading out.. but EPH now takes us underground.. the little "clip" of the sub train is cool, just to point out some effect I like in this demo :) ..and how some particles misses the square, in the beginning. Nice work ppl!

comment by kUfa on 26 May 2004

One of my favorite eph's demo!

skan: nah the music rocks :) And even if you were wrong for the comment in the readme, arrogance is cool :P ("ho, we have done it again" - i let you remember who said that :P)

comment by mailman on 21 August 2004

It is hard for me to give this demo an objective rate and comment. I don't like hip-hop, I don't like those "blockers' style" but... The demo itself is good. Very original (except it is not in my "style"). Some great effects can be seen. Music... Music might be interesting for people who like this genre. I don't so... But to keep it straight. If you like hip-hop you must see this one. If you don't like, you may try but you will be confused - just like I am.

comment by JuLieN on 14 September 2004

My favourite Ephidrena Demo! What a pace in this one! And so impressive from the technical point of view! Great code, great music, great design : perfect!

comment by StingRay on 20 December 2005

This is simply the best EPH demo ever! I am waiting for a sequel one day. :)

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vote by dairos: 4/5

vote by skan: 4/5

vote by baderman: 5/5

vote by bLa: 5/5

vote by bengt: 5/5

vote by Gargaj: 5/5

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