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March 2003


Kindergarden 2003

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 1st



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User Comments (13)

comment by KAM_ on 15 October 2003

what is written above? 1st at Kindergarden? unbelieweable. the demo is so poor, so ordinary - just shitty. poor gfx, poor design, poor music sound (snare!), poor effects. what is written above? 1st at Kindergarden? unbelieweable...

comment by heetach on 21 January 2004

You're right, KAM_, the demo is poor. But you forgot that we're allowed to say it, and you are not. (In fact, the music is brilliant, and the naive retro-80's-electro style of the snare drum is utterly intentional.)

So how about slightly freshening up that english orthography then?

comment by rloaderror on 24 January 2004

I wish that deadline would have granted us with another 48 hours with this one.. There is still much to be done. There is a naive feeling to this demo. The tune is sort of 80s hiphop/electro and the visuals were supposed to support its cheesyness. Too bad we did not achieve the desired result.. Some silly transitions (desert dream/faktory style) between the effects and general polish all around would have made wonders.. I want a pacman anim in here :)

comment by skan on 05 February 2004

I don't think this demo is that bad after all... I like the tune and the overall feeling, maybe it's too "static"... anyway a good release, not a masterpiece, but a nice one... :)
Good sub-pixel antialiasing, great lightsourced bobs scene (the soundtrack there reminds me of Kraftwerk...) just like in FEL, but i'd like to see more animated backdrops (eh eh! those flatshaded objects better be movin'!!! ;).
Good shot anyway!

can you tell me why this demo (and FEL too) pops up on PAL doublescan on my 1942? It slows things down a lot!!! :)

comment by rloaderror on 07 February 2004

Uhh.. I have no idea actually. I only have a simple pal monitor myself. Cyborg of industry made the startup that is supposed to set up a screen on the most appropriate device.. He has made a new startup now though. Maybe I should have a look at that.. Do you have cgx or something?

comment by skan on 09 February 2004

No CGX, just original CBM drivers for AGA modes... maybe the demo-startup recognises my C= 1942 monitor as CGX or something... Anyway, I have to boot with no startup-sequence to run Sumo (and FEL) on PAL screen...simply love 50Hz lores scanlines!!! ;)

There's a message for you on Amigascne BBS!!! ;)

comment by rloaderror on 09 February 2004

I have no Idea what it does.. I dont have any hardware to test on.. It works properly on the machines that we have in the group, but those are mostly just standard a1200 060 and nothing else.. Except for Frequents PPC Cybergraphics Bvision something machine..

Ill talk to cyborg about it when I see him on IRC or sometihng.

I have put out Bier and Fistpig as modules.. Those are the only ones I have bothered to do yet, but more might come later. Read the post on the amgiascne bbs..

comment by Frequent on 11 February 2004


I can confirm that it runs fine on my cybergraphics bvision something machine :)

comment by KAM_ on 18 February 2004

@ heetach

heh, well, yes - my english is very poor. But that changes nothing. Allright, maybe demo is not so shitty, but hey! "But you forgot that we're allowed to say it, and you are not." - rotfl! I've seen it, so I can say what I think about it. "In fact, the music is brilliant, and the naive retro-80's-electro style of the snare drum is utterly intentional." - music is boring, sound is bad - that's all. "So how about slightly freshening up that english orthography then?" - well, that would be nice. ;)

I only want to say, that EPH can make some great demos! "Jane Ahonen", "Adam Malysz" or magnificent "J" (or some intros like "Bier"). I can be embittered when, U're giving me something like that...

in spite of all - really honest regards to all @ EPH! I wish to see some kickin' ass stuff from You, guyz! Maybe soon on MorphOS?...

comment by heetach on 19 February 2004

Hehe. I think you should kick my ass for my pathetic attempt to seem like an arrogant, scornful bastard because of my own discontent with this demo.
We will be back with better things though, still this is probably not the last piece of crap you've seen from us, so don't start sucking up.

comment by z5 on 20 February 2004

Hmm...the music is original and opens up possibilities for a really original, fresh and different demo. However, Ephidrena didn't succeed completely. The beginning was promising and the square backgrounds do fit in with the feel of the music. I like the effect on the font and the orange font is really cool. The fullscreen picture is great (as far as i remember, this was the welcome return from Cheetah after a break). The transparent 3D objects are stylish and fitting. Another cool thing is the little white icons appearing. Again, fitting with that fresh, clean electro feel from the music.

Some scenes did need more work though. The blue effect in screenshot 3 for example could have done with something extra, for example little icons appearing or something. It seems to be thrown in without any real reason. Same goes for the effect in screenshot 7 and 8. The balls effect in screenshot 10 was good though.

On a last note, be sure to download the fixed version, which adds some things like a nice wipe on the fullscreen picture.

Could have been much more if they had the time. Still, a good demo.

comment by ToAks on 23 May 2004

doesnt work on my system, FIX PLZ!!!!!!!

comment by StingRay on 22 December 2005

The beginning is pretty nice, yet it looks like a total ripoff of certain DCS productions. =) Electrobeats to ya ear, need I say more? :D Anyway, it is not a bad demo but it gets boring pretty fast. And the cgx mode terribly bugs here so I always have to watch EPH demos in AGA mode.
The readme is extremely entertaining btw. :)

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