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August 1998


Intel Outside 1998

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 3rd



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Strange Days (3.71)


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comment by stakka on 09 November 2003

nice little thing.

comment by ToAks on 23 May 2004

too small ;( but damned nice design anyway :)

comment by rloaderror on 12 June 2004

This demo is rather interesting. Cool graphics. However, it runs into the same trap as most design demos based on the "printed/magazine" look. The effects dont fit in anymore. The design is complete enough in its own right. It seems as though the graphician has made a complete composition without thinking about that the coder is going to stick som effect on top of it(or in there). Texture mapped tunnels (with marble texture) dont really fall into the printdesign category and so dont fit in. I havent found anything apart from rotating objects that really works in this "print" setting. And as this demo doesnt have many spectacular 3d objects to show off, the demo falls a bit flat on its face.

My opinion is.. Cool pictures, shame about the integration of effects into them.

comment by korbatz on 08 November 2006

Hi there, it's Korbatz/Venture

actually, i did the graphics *and* effects for this little demo :)

This demonstration was assembled with demonaniac, Pippen and Noster played with it and added some additional effects. Ii can't really remember what kind of routines that where, but they where pretty proud of themselves ;)

So they gave me Pippen's A1200 and in few days i did some design, took Wierza's module and created the "sketch".

thanks for reading.

comment by z5 on 08 November 2006

@Korbatz: Thanks for the feedback. Does it mean that i have to add you for both "graphics" and "code" in the credits (you did some effects coding?)?

comment by z5 on 08 November 2006

And about the demo, i must say that i really like this one a lot. It's nearly impossible to see that this was made with a demo construction tool (contrary to a lot of other productions). The music is nice but the real highlight for me are the excellent graphics and good choice of colors (except the tunnel sequence which, as Loaderror pointed out, doesn't fit with the rest of the look).

comment by korbatz on 08 November 2006

@z5: Of course you can. As far as i can remember i was only playing with this "Demomaniac" tool to create some transitions and define object's rotation speeds.

Iam glad you guys like this little thing.

comment by cybernoid on 13 April 2007

Cool little demo. Very avant. Seems to be done today, but has almost 10 years old.

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