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Cruel karma forms










Lil fame












September 2001


Symphony 2001

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 1st


Amiga ppc

Minimum Required:

Warp-3d v4.2 or higher
Ahi v4+

64Mb Fast Mem

Download Amiga:


Other releases (26)

Datablade (4.28)

Kah835gb (3.59)

One Spiritual Journey (3.5)

212 (3.75)

Amsterdam Blessings (4.35)

Another dream away (4.27)

Automatikk 4 the ppl (3.44)

Cull Bazaar (4.21)

Eclipse (4.07)

Fate fits karma (4.36)

Glare (3.88)

Heavy traffic (4.21)

Kioea (4.7)

Metatag lock k-231277 (4)

Mu51k (3.43)

Mute 12 (4.3)

New dawn fades (4.27)

Own Love Balance (4.05)

Save Da Vinyl (4.14)

Senzala (3.95)

Third eye conqueror (4.52)

Till i feel you (4.42)

Utopia (3.71)

Visible World (3.14)

Fluffy Digital Snowflakes (4.5)

Photocell1x1 (3.9)


User Comments (17)

comment by Frequent on 18 October 2003

WOHO! #"/(# Cool Demo by the Mawi crew. Have watched it over and ovaer again and it rules like #/#%)!!!! ELITE!

comment by skipp604 on 25 November 2003

I love this one. It was nice to watch it live premiere :)

comment by dairos on 08 December 2003

Come on, make a video! :)

comment by ToAks on 23 May 2004

not bad at all, shame its design is too slow to really make a big impact on us NON polish guys.

polish style = DARK or moody with slow movements. (my op. anyway)

comment by baderman on 20 September 2005

I still can't wait to see video. But I agree with Skipp, I was on many parties, and porbably this Demo made the biggest impact on me, when seeing it for First Time. Great!

comment by azzaro on 06 January 2006

please help us guys - could someone do a high-quality videocapture from this demo?

comment by wad on 16 February 2006

Probably one of the most tragically unknown demoscene masterpieces of all time. I happened to be in Poland at the time of its release, and remember it giving me chills and incredible motivation to buy a PPC-loaded A4000. Seriously guys, everything is perfect here: the visuals, the music -- and most importantly, the atmosphere. I'm with the rest of you, let's get a fucking video out already so that everyone ELSE can enjoy it.

comment by Frog on 27 October 2007

screenshots look beautiful. I would like to see a VIDEO of this demo to fully appreciate it.

comment by z5 on 03 February 2008

Now that i finally seen this demo on video, all i can say it: Wow! Extremely powerful soundtrack (especially the first part is awesome), tons of superb graphics and design and fantastic code and effects. As ever with Madwizards, the background graphics are a bit too "busy" but overall, this is a superbly crafted demonstration. It was well worth the 7 years wait :o)

comment by z5 on 07 March 2008

For those who don't want to download the video, the video has been added on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzq6VRPXqYI.

comment by Frog on 07 March 2008

Perfect. A demo very well orchestrated with a soundtrack that suits it very well.
All effects superimposed on the images can sometimes appear overloaded, but finally, the whole rest of very good taste.

Amiga & Mawi rulez !

comment by skipp604 on 23 June 2008

I think I've got the high quality video somewhere... Have to look around. Will let you guys know :)

comment by z5 on 24 June 2008

@skip: are you telling us that all those 7 years, you actually had a video version of this demo?

comment by skipp604 on 24 June 2008

@z5: I think so, but I can be wrong ;-) If I remember correctly, I downloaded once from the madwizards.org website (which is non-existent today). I'll have a look tonight.

comment by skipp604 on 24 June 2008

No... maybe not. What I've got is:

- Amsterdam Blessigns
- Another Dream Away
- Fate Fits Karma
- Heavy Traffic
- New Dawn Fades
- Third Eye Conqueror


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User Votes: Average: 4.52 points (33 votes)

vote by Frequent: 5/5

vote by skipp604: 5/5

vote by bengt: 5/5

vote by kempy: 5/5

vote by strife/apathy: 5/5

vote by ToAks: 4/5

vote by DJBase: 5/5

vote by tinto brass: 5/5

vote by wayne: 4/5

vote by Temal: 5/5

vote by baderman: 5/5

vote by tjahzi: 5/5

vote by stakka: 5/5

vote by mailman: 5/5

vote by azzaro: 5/5

vote by dalton: 3/5

vote by wad: 5/5

vote by Vinnny: 5/5

vote by corial: 3/5

vote by at0m: 4/5

vote by falcon_11: 5/5

vote by Kaminari: 5/5

vote by rkauer: 4/5

vote by z5: 5/5

vote by Frog: 5/5

vote by zplex: 2/5

vote by xepzl: 5/5

vote by SZAMAN: 3/5

vote by HOŁDYS: 4/5

vote by DOBERMAN: 3/5

vote by waldiamiga: 5/5

vote by jack-3d: 5/5

vote by Sir_Lucas: 5/5

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