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The Master


John Doe

The Master


Jesper Kyd

The Master





June 1992


The Hurricane Summer Party 1992

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 3rd



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[file 2]

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User Comments (7)

comment by enoh on 05 January 2003

nice and good coded effects

comment by John777CPH on 26 May 2005

No-one never really liked my machine... it bends straight letters on
the middle so it gets a 3D angle when it scrolls out on the other side.

comment by Toffeeman on 06 November 2005

The effect in screenshot 9 was excellent how was it done ? I loved the plasma to !

The scrolling text in the machine effect never worked on my A1200.

comment by mailman on 16 June 2007

Typical "Silentish" production of those times. Smooth effects without any particular hype. I always admire those smooth fades between effects which are in almost every Silents productions. They were not forgotten here.

comment by John777CPH on 11 July 2007

... Toffeeman, the demo was designed to run on the A1200 and that code was actually written in total chaos at a party. I forgot, maybe THE Party?. Anyway i have never seen it not work >8^)>

comment by Toffeeman on 13 July 2007

@ John777CPH

This demo came out in June 1992 but the A1200 didn't come out till late 92 I think ?

I saw this effect running on my friends A500 but the screen always rolled on my A1200 which was why I was suprised to see what it actually was on my friends A500. Did it use a funny screen mode or something as it might have been my Toshiba TV didn't like the screen refresh rate which is why it rolled around the screen ?

comment by John777CPH on 29 July 2007

geezus... i was totally mixed up... you are right Toffeeman! >8^)>

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