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Planet Potion







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Intro 64k


April 2002


Mekka Symposium 2002

Amiga Intro 64k compo

ranking 1st


Amiga ppc

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Other releases (9)

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Schizofrenia (4)

Vertus (4.35)

Raos (3.29)


User Comments (100)

comment by pintcat on 26 June 2008

@skipp604: I didn't offend you in any way, so what's wrong with you? And now that we're talking, I do not try to drop some rankings and since you obviously checked my votes, you should have noticed some of these:

Starstruck (TBL) - 5/5
Live Axxion (uprough) - 5/5
Datablade (MaWi & Floppy) - 4/5
Arte (Sanity) - 5/5
J (Ehidrena) - 4/5
and last but not least: Gift (Potion) - 5/5

Yes you guys already did it. Watching this masterpiece over and over again pushed it to one of my personal favorites. I don't like such high resolutions with millions of colors. 320 x 200 with 8 bit true color is all that I need to breathe.
I know there are people out there who upgrade their Amigas to death just to gain some fancy speed - boring! I do not like my Amiga for it's cpu performance, but for it's nifty chipset. Amiga hardware reached a level that this Intel crap never will reach, no matter how fast they'll become. And therefore I would always prefer plain 68k technology. My A1200 is fitted with a B1260/50MHz and some extra memory - that's it.
And regarding the bad vote: I never coded a demo (and probably will never do). That's why I rated this from a very sketchy position. I like the design (in the most parts) and I love the music. But what I don't like are the intractable hardware requirements. Maybe my vote was too harsh. Maybe the alternative would be not to vote and just to ignore it. But this is a discussion board and I tried to express my opinion, nothing more. Hope you got me right this time...

comment by skipp604 on 26 June 2008

@pintcat: I admit, I got carried away... I'm really sorry. I didn't want to offend you...

As for me - I also prefer 68k/AGA productions, as it is the TRUE Amiga spirit. That's why, out of all our productions, Gift is my favourite.

And I know anyone should have their own opinion, that's why there's vote & comment system... So again.. I'm sorry. Forgive me.

comment by skipp604 on 04 July 2008

How do we run it on a MorphOS? :)

comment by skipp604 on 04 July 2008


If you think we could do better with the design (as far as 64kbytes allow) please share what we could've done to make you happy! I'd really like to hear your suggestions.

comment by DJBase on 23 October 2008


I would never rate a prod done just because of the hardware specs. And you said you like the design and music so I don't understand your point of view.

I remember MS2002 when this prod was shown on the screen (wow, what an atmosphere). It is still the best intro for PowerUp Amiga and I guess it will ever be.

comment by pintcat on 23 October 2008

But those hardware requirements prevent a lot of people (including me) from watching it on their Amigas. And seeing a prod is the premise to like it! I wasn't there at Mekka&Symposium to see it on big screen, I didn't see it on a real Amiga, I'm even unable to emulate such an Amiga, needed to run this demo. All I know is this crappy looking video which is circulating everywhere.

comment by Boogeyman on 24 October 2008

Pintcat, you argue that you have only seen a crappy video, so it doesn't deserve more than a 2. Wouldn't be more appropriate to just NOT vote then? Based on your own statement, what you're doing is like reviewing a movie based on a trailer - that's not fair.

Looks to me like a childish way to express your frustration that this prod doesn't run on your hardware.

comment by pintcat on 25 October 2008

Well, I must agree somehow. My vote was affected by frustration. Not only because it doesn't run on my setup, but also because almost everybody hyped this demo so much and no-one said a word about the absence of compatibility due to the hardware issue. I said what I wanted to say in a not-so-friendly way (which isn't unusual here) by giving a bad vote. I already considered that. Now.. I wouldn't change my rating into a better one (arrgh! I'm still so frustrated), maybe I remove it if that would be possible.
But everything I said before is fact! The fabulous look of a demo doesn't excuse the need of bad hardware.

comment by skipp604 on 03 November 2008


There's no "good" or "bad" hardware... THAT's a fact. I don't get how could people just get almost racist of the hardware they don't own.

So, you expected that nobody would code for PowerPC and BVision when they came out? What's the point of buying new hardware if you're not gonna use software dedicated...

I really don't get your way of thinking.

We (Potion) did some demos/intros on every available chipset - including OCS, AGA and BVision (since that was the only graphics card any of us had - in fact, at the time, it was only Mavey who owned BVision).

We did the best we could on every of these chipsets, including BVision that we used in Planet Potion.

I don't understand the "punishment" for using progressive Amiga hardware (but still AMIGA).

And to clarify: THIS DEMO DOESN'T RUN ON MY SETUP EITHER. Because I only have 060 and no gfx card. Sure, I have Cybervision 3D in my A4000, but no PowerPC. That doesn't change the fact that I simply love for example Mad Wizards demos, and most of them I can't even run.

comment by pintcat on 04 November 2008

First of all: I wouldn't call a gfx board "progressive hardware". If I would, I had to kick my Amiga into the garbage and start watching PC demos, because the look so much more exciting with all those hardware knickknacks. The progressive aspect on Amiga is that it doesn't need that stuff to make things look good. I do own a graphics card. It's a GForce FX 5200 and sitting in my PC, because this stupid piece of junk can't do anything without it and that's what I would call BAD hardware! A gfx board maybe isn't bad, but in case of Amiga it's unnecessary (or at least it should be).
Concerning hardware I do not own, I wouldn't say I'm racist in any way. It's not the worst when coders optimize their programs for new hardware. But if software denies working on anything less, you can't expect people like me clap their hands and say "Hey, great stuff! I can't use it, but hell, I wanna see more of it!"
It was my decision not to use such hardware as it was my decision not to go with the flow and keep my Amiga (which isn't very progressive too, is it?).
And - as I said about ten million times before - I do not hate your demo as I can't hate any other demo that looks good. But the fact that it doesn't run on my real Amiga makes it very much less exciting.

comment by noname on 04 November 2008

I would suggest to stop feeding the attention whore. My suspicion is that "people like [pintcat]" have never produced anything exciting for themselves and are thus frustrated. Hence he tries to get his edge with this ludicrous attempt of being a "critic". A big boo and now bye bye!

comment by StormLord on 09 December 2008

My amiga does have a ppc, and it is a REAL amiga...
And belive me.. this demo does things on 200mhz as pc demos CANT do on gigahertz...
Thats why always liked amigas and programers of that platform.
As for your BAD hardware, you can buy a PC without a discreet graphics card and then by your way of thinking its good. thats exactly like classics amiga and AGA.
Bytheway why you are not saying the same about your ADDED accelerator? and all AGA demos that requires it? maybe we should all stop programing for any other cpu except 68000.
with your vote you made this demo loose the first place on ADA, by another great demo ofcourse that doesnt' run on my machine! maybe I should vote another 2 on andromeda to make it fair?? I couldn't watch it on my amiga so I didn't vote, just think of it.

I have tried this demo on 6 amigas.. 3 on 040/ppc and 3 with 060/ppc, it works with all 060s but not even one 040!!! any thoughts?

comment by StormLord on 09 December 2008

I just saw that you have voted 2 also on andromeda
I stand corrected.. its not your fault of potion loosing its 1st place here...
and preference is just preference...
There are always people that don't like athletic body women and prefer fat and short....
maybe because they don't have what it takes to get "running" with tall and slim.....

comment by skipp604 on 10 December 2008


Hmm that's weird... IIRC Mavey's BlizzardPPC was equipped with 040, so with THAT particular one it worked for sure ;-)

Maybe it's the problem with 68060.library and 68040.library. If you were swapping the turbo boards without changing the libraries to the proper ones, it would hang (that's not limited to PPC boards, the same thing happens with my swapovers Apollo 1240 - Blizzard 1260 when I forget to change the libraries...).

comment by StormLord on 14 December 2008

actually 040 setups was 3 different amiga setups, 060 amigas were :a)one of the previous 040 setup (68k cpu upgraded), b) the same machine tried with another blizzPPC (to test if ppc working) c) a friends different setup.
I think all of these setups were using the dummy library by Phase5 (correctly installed) so even by swapping the card should make no difference...

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