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Planet Potion







Code additional:








Intro 64k


April 2002


Mekka Symposium 2002

Amiga Intro 64k compo

ranking 1st


Amiga ppc

Minimum Required:


Download Amiga:


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User Comments (100)

comment by Tripper on 12 July 2004

Watched this on the big screen...was in euphoric state after that.

comment by spidi on 25 July 2004


comment by bonkers on 17 August 2004

Seeing this intro on the big screen at Mekka is the biggest scene experience I've had. I can hardly imagine how it would feel being one of the creators. Words is not enough to describe how good this is.

comment by Ghandy on 27 August 2004

Very, very good production!! I love it!!

comment by Niding on 24 October 2004

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I havent used my Amiga since the Mid 90s and then Nexus7 and the "old" TBL productions blew me away. Ive checked out some PC demos now and then and been thinking "oh well..Amiga scene is dead, no chance for them to compete with this"..and Then I download THIS!!! Fantastic Design and this MUSIC!!! Skip is just a Music Marvel!! What software is he using?

...I think I need to get myself a PPC.....im still in shock!

comment by DeQuevedo on 26 November 2004

Amiga still rules da scene!

No hay palabras.Acojonante.

comment by lugduweb2 on 28 April 2005

I'd love to try it on MorphOS :-( Too bad it does'nt work :-(

comment by coze on 01 August 2005

SHIT ! SHIT ! SHIT ! this shit FUKIN BLEW ME AWAY ! music is inspired from the works of astral projection, an israeli trance band. in fact they give credit to them in future visions demo, "trust in trance" is an album from astral projection, and it was their motto for some time. POTION ARE GODZ ! I hope they're doing some new stuff ...

I don't have a ppc amiga yet, so I can't run this, can somebody tell me does it need only ppc and bvision ? does it need a soundcard ? is this just paula I'm hearing ?

comment by DJBase on 15 August 2005

"I don't have a ppc amiga yet, so I can't run this, can somebody tell me does it need only ppc and bvision ? does it need a soundcard ? is this just paula I'm hearing ?"

Just BPPC and BVision. Paula works OK.

comment by _Steve_ on 18 September 2005

Easily one of the best 64k demos I have ever seen on the Amiga (and probably the PC for that)

comment by z5 on 21 September 2005

Today is the day that Planet Potion lost it's 5/5 average vote, after 53 votes and after being added more than 3 years ago. Just wanted to write this down here for remembrance :o)

comment by un0 on 10 October 2005

Finally downloaded the avi, watched the first part, felt amazed. Watched the greetings part, went crazy... 5 out of 5.

comment by wad on 16 February 2006

Amazing. What happened to these guys?

comment by skipp604 on 15 March 2006

I think they're dead. But I really don't have any valid infos on that topic.

comment by z5 on 15 March 2006

It is a pity that you split up in that way (you and Mavey). I was watching the Planet Potion video only yesterday and was still amazed on the little design touches which are everywhere in the "intro". It is as if you guys thought about every pixel you put in there.

I still hope that Mavey will drop by here at A.D.A one day and leave a comment on how and what he's doing since he left the Amiga scene. He was such a brilliant coder. It will also be nice for him to hear that Planet Potion has been number one here at A.D.A in the charts since the day it was added.

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