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Budbrain megademo 2














December 1990


Dexion X-mas Conference 1990

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 2nd



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Budbrain megademo 1 (4.45)


User Comments (11)

comment by ijs on 07 October 2003

Budbrain :)

Not such a masterpiece artistically or technically speaking (not that it's that bad, contains some real good stuff), but definately a classic for the simple fact that everyone-and-his-dog had this demo in his disk cabinet.

One to watch 'for old times sake'.

comment by bLa on 15 October 2003

well, the megademo1 was much better than this one ...

comment by prm on 01 April 2004

If you want to waste your time and/or diskspace, this is the demo for you ;)

comment by epsilon on 19 April 2004

Budbrain 2 was a pale shade of it's predecessor, lacking in imagination, effects and length! The music was okay though, which is mainly what I watch it for. My recommendation though is to watch the first one if you want to see the best of Budbrain.

comment by ToAks on 23 May 2004

classic though not as good as the first one, but the Crionics erm madonna scene was damn cool :-)

ps:the party this came out on (dexion) was infact quite mediocre :-(

comment by kempy on 23 August 2004

Another good example of well known theory: "Sequels always are worse than originals".

comment by AGAfaster on 03 October 2005

@kempy - Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan ?
I remember budbrain 1, but not two. mebbe I'll look when I get me 1200 hooked up again...

comment by mailman on 27 May 2006


This is the second megademo of Budbrain. The first one is also on ADA but it is sometimes called Psychotic.

And I fully agree with kempy. In comparison with the first part this one is a real crap...

comment by rage on 23 December 2006

I know this is the sequel but to me it's a classic cause I never saw the first budbrain megademo.

comment by cybernoid on 13 April 2007

It began in Africa

comment by madbart on 12 August 2008

i love it for "it began in Africa" part. ..

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