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Skid row cracktros


Skid row














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comment by SoLO on 26 June 2002

yeah cracktros rulezzz :D

comment by z5 on 27 January 2004

Really great from Stingray to fix these fantastic cracktros from Skid Row to run on modern high end Amigas. I watch these cracktros a lot. I've always been fascinated by cracktros, the start of my demoscene interest. The thing i liked the most about cracktros, was the music. There really are some fantastic chiptunes to be heard in cracktros. And then there were the scrollers... Aahhh, the memories. My favourite cracktros from these fixed ones is screenshot 22, which is a fantastic cracktro.

By the way, some fixed Scoopex cracktros were also included in WorldCharts 15.

comment by kempy on 25 September 2004

Yes, cracktros are forever. This tiny, cute, little pieces of binary-sugar always make me happy. ;) SR stuff isn't exception.

Stingray - thanks for patching them!

comment by Lonewolf10 on 29 May 2007

Some are good, some (the early ones with no sound!) were bad.

My personal favourite is the ABC wide World Boxing, or atleast I think thats what it was called. Purely for the music and simplistic 3D rotating stars :)
There were a few others I liked too. Thanks Stingray for fixing them. Without it they might not have run on my laptop (under WinUAE).

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