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State of the art




Lone Starr

Major Asshole


TMB designs







December 1992


The Party 1992

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 1st



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Other releases (38)

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Badass 5000 (3.36)

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King Of Fuck (2.89)

Sotakyrpa (4.11)

Timur Lenk (4.45)

We don't understand (3.59)

The underground capital of sweden (3.67)


User Comments (49)

comment by krafton on 01 November 2004

one man one demo one music ...
the spacelball spirit...

one word : Amazing stuff.

comment by Ces on 16 November 2004

I simply love this demo, but i love "LS" more than anything!
Hey P, you rule my world!

comment by Ardy on 27 November 2004

Been there in '92. Very nice performance at that time... Sure winner.
Been a member of SpaceBalls for a short while but still love their shows.




comment by ep.cosmik on 02 December 2004

What to say which haven't been said ? Well, the first demo featuring a sexual bomb moving around and dancing, seducing people around the screen ! Ha ha, major Asshole was a clever guy, finding the scene was made of boys loving girls, he had found the best way to attract masses to the show :) A clever guy and a superb realisation with a good tune. I remember having shown this demo at the ravioli computer club, just to my own pleasure and at the end of the demo, every body was claped their hands !!! I was totally surprised because I watched this demo for my own pleasure and all people around were attracted only by it. SpaceBalls rules the show !!! Remember also the jaleous cracker of Skid Raw, saying : what a lame demo, no code, nothing !!! This was fun to see old, serious coders beeing supplanted by a guy with very attracting ideas and concept.

comment by Ghandy on 31 March 2005

But it was also full of bugs. The cracker of Skid Row wasn't THAT wrong. But ..erm.. most of their game releases were buggy aswell. So, who carez!? Anyway: SOTA rocks!! Until today!

comment by Bugsy on 06 April 2005

I remember back in the day when i was at theparty 2... Me and my friend had just found a nice german scener in front of the big screen, we copied a lot of disks (how we coped with the disks) from him. The compo had just started and suddenly SOTA came on, and the whole place went nutz ! It was dark in the hall for the compo and everybody wanted that demo. I remember running around asking everyone in the dark after the disk, but none had it yet, so it was a long wait until the compo was over and the disk got spread and we finally got it and went home. Those were the days.

comment by spin on 30 June 2005

not much left to say, first demo shown on MTV. can watch it again and again.

comment by Vaughany on 21 September 2005

Vanquish mentiones the 'extended version of the music'... any ideas where to start looking?? I'd love to hear more.

comment by PopoCop on 24 November 2005

Watching this demo on my A500 in 1993 was a jaw-dropping & ass-kicking experience. Watching it today on my A1200 is a good fun too! It's a CLASSIC!

comment by StingRay on 04 January 2006

"Remember also the jaleous cracker of Skid Raw, saying : what a lame demo, no code, nothing !!!"

Actually, the Skid Row dude (whoever it was) was not jealous but TOTALLY RIGHT! Because there is almost NO code at all here. Anyway, I think this is one totally overrated demo. :)

comment by Phantom on 24 January 2006

"No code, No code, No code"......but it's still one the best AMIGA demos till know... I remember showing this to friends to buy an AMIGA ;-)

comment by Toffeeman on 03 September 2006

For the extended version of the music check this link:-


Goto "Episode 002 - The Amiga Spesh" and it about 15.20 seconds in.

comment by vigo on 29 October 2006

great work... rezpekt

comment by RaHoW on 02 April 2008

i know the controversy about this demo and i'm not like it the way i used to now ... but it's a fucking classic and i could do nothing against that (and i don't want ^^) !

comment by Joe[KaT] on 28 April 2008

Still a great production! ... This Demo did not need alot of code. When you have a good Direction and Soundtrack is well written and synchronized, You have a DEMO. This is where most fail in my opinion.... even today... all code and effects and no true theme or direction...

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