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January 1993



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User Comments (13)

comment by enoh on 05 January 2003

this is imo one of the best demos ever released for the ocs. check it, andromeda rules!

comment by calen on 30 April 2004

very cool & crisp music again from andromeda

comment by ToAks on 23 May 2004

another goodie from the masters of code (ocs) :-)

comment by kempy on 02 July 2004

What should i say!? Few minutes of rather good demoshow. Il ike this music in main part.

comment by Vanquish on 08 October 2004

This demo is what I refer to as 'a nice little demo'. Nothing special, but what is here is done well. The music isn't what I'd call 'demo music' but it fits the mood of the demo nicely. Slick.

comment by mailman on 19 December 2004

Great stuff. Andromeda did excellent productions. In 1993 it rocked... It rocks now too. For me, it is the classic piece of software. Excellent code and design. Mr. Man composed awesome tunes...

comment by prm on 08 March 2005

so full of style!! wondeful!

comment by corial on 04 February 2006

Excellent Andromeda stuff as always. The 5-bitplane lambert glenz part and the circle part (screenshot 4) really amaze me. Fantastic speed!

comment by winden on 20 May 2006

can't help but to be an andromeda groupie :)

comment by Frog on 16 August 2006

so well done from the start to the end.

comment by cybernoid on 13 April 2007

A Jungle Demo. I cant define a better definition. Congratz Andromeda!

comment by RaHoW on 19 March 2008

The word which came to me the first time i saw it is .... it's CLLEAAANNNN O__O

And when i saw it last time ... i ALSO think this ^^

"... records have no meanings if quality is neglited ..." ^^

comment by sdw on 13 June 2008

Sooo stylish! Love the clean Andromeda design in this one.

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User Votes: Average: 4.1 points (31 votes)

vote by enoh: 5/5

vote by mailman: 5/5

vote by Frequent: 4/5

vote by Ralph Wiggum: 3/5

vote by strife/apathy: 4/5

vote by calen: 4/5

vote by ToAks: 4/5

vote by un0: 5/5

vote by DJBase: 3/5

vote by kempy: 3/5

vote by falcon_11: 3/5

vote by wayne: 4/5

vote by britelite: 4/5

vote by Vanquish: 4/5

vote by cf: 3/5

vote by prm: 5/5

vote by Chain: 4/5

vote by JuLieN: 4/5

vote by corial: 5/5

vote by winden: 5/5

vote by Frog: 5/5

vote by at0m: 3/5

vote by nwm: 4/5

vote by cybernoid: 5/5

vote by SaphirJD: 5/5

vote by Boogeyman: 4/5

vote by RaHoW: 5/5

vote by sdw: 5/5

vote by wiseman: 4/5

vote by HM Kaiser: 3/5


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