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#1 - Posted: 28 Nov 2015 13:37 - Edited
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*** Special week-end deal, only while stocks last ***
I re-released my AGA 68030 Amiga Demo CD from the late naughties as ISO (471 MB, zipped). Now with fitting, emulator-friendly ADF Boot Disk. Quick tour showing how to use it in this YouTube video (and screenshot if you should browse this on real hw)

Just burn the ISO if you still have a CD-Rom connected to your Amiga. Or drop the ISO and ADF into WinUAE. Settings: A1200, 68030, 8 MB Fast. It is also possible to mount the ISO using diskimage.device.

#2 - Posted: 3 Sep 2020 16:57
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This is still cool in 2020
#3 - Posted: 10 Nov 2020 21:25
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thank you for reviving the discussion.
#4 - Posted: 20 Apr 2021 20:17
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This is great thanks! I've still got a CD drive in my 1200 Tower :-)


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