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#1 - Posted: 9 Jul 2015 14:03
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Hello. I want to compare the speed of my triangle routines (flat, gouraud, textured) with others, so I think that I need a standard size of the triangle to do that. For example: A(20,20) B(50,40) C(30,70). Can anyone tell me if you use a predetermined size for this purpose?.

Angry Retired Bastard
#2 - Posted: 10 Jul 2015 04:07
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What you need is a realistic / use-case-relevant selection of triangle sizes. Different fillers are made for different uses and will have different sweet spots.
If you don't have any specific plans for what you want to use your code for and just want to see "if it's good" then I'd recommend taking a closer look at the demos containing routines you want to compare against and see if you could beat them in the same scenarios.


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