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#1 - Posted: 2 Nov 2011 12:06
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Hi everyone. I'm a life-long Amiga lover who learned pixel art on the Amiga (DPaint and Brilliance) who eventually became a professional game artist.

You can see my portfolio online here: http://www.holymonkeystudio.com/sprites.htm

Throughout these years of making games for mobile phones, GBA, DS, Iphone etc, I've never lost me dream of some day making the most stunningly beautiful (and actually fun to play) game for Classic Amiga's.

I'm enlisting help in not only eventually making a couple of full blown professional (and commercial) games for classic Amiga's, but to create a collection of super useful libraries and tools along the way. (I'm targeting CDTV and CD32 as the two major platforms )

I'm looking for some Amiga programmers with VERY STRONG knowledge of Amiga's amazing hardware and the tricks that game makers and demo makers have used for years.

Most specifically I'm looking for two things up front:

1) To have a program made that loads in tile maps, and allows the user t scroll around the tile map, and then designate vertical coordinates with little arrows at the side of the screen...these arrows would signify a vertical coordinate where some color indexes would be changed via the copper. The program would need to load tile maps, allow scrolling, allow the placement of these arrows throughout a tile map, and have an editor for editing the palette for that region as well as saving and loading palettes into that region (designated by the arrows)

2) A program and useable "library" (re-useable code) to use the repeating sprite trick to create a back play-field for a game. (as seen in some later Amiga games like Jim Powers)

I can offer small financial incentives for the creation of these tools etc...and hopefully we can get together bounties to make thing move along even faster...

The goal is not just to eventually make my dream Amiga games, but to empower all Amiga nuts like me to make the games they want better and faster.

Anyone interested in joining to finally create the ideal set of OPEN SOURCE tools to create super impressive Classic Amiga games, please contact me @

mail@holymonkeystudio.com and/or respond in this thread.

I've started a duplicate thread here: http://www.amiga.org/forums/showthread.php?p=66608 5#post666085

I look forward to getting this rolling... It's a LONG TIME over-due.

PS. For those interested in helping to on a long term basis to help create my finished games, I plan on simultaneously creating versions of the game for PC, IOS devices, Android devices,X-Box Live and Mac using a cross platform dev tool that I'm already very comfortable with....My hope is we could generate enough income from these major platforms that we could release the Special, Amiga Only versions for free to the Amiga Communities...

#2 - Posted: 3 Nov 2011 17:30
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Impressive graphics!
#3 - Posted: 3 Nov 2011 18:15 - Edited
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Thanks much. Some programmers are starting to pitch in... Please send all strong Amiga hardware bangers to the following link:


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