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#1 - Posted: 29 Dec 2010 16:35
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Hi everyone,

I've got a working non extended A1200 and I'm starting to install whatever is needed for demo coding !

But I'm not sure knowing all the current best/useful tools... Here is my install list with links to what is probably the most updated version... So if you know any better tools, more recent versions, got any suggestions, do not hesitate to shared them :-)

* An asm IDE: Asm-Pro 1.17 (aminet) - Asm-One 1.48 (aminet)
* A picture editor: Personal Paint 7.1c (aminet)
* A tracker: Protracker 3.15 (aminet)
* A packer: There were a lot... But I think the Blueberry one is the most recent one (link)
* A file manager: Filemaster 2.0 (aminet), this one is very useful and I remember using it a lot, and currently I do not load the WB and do not want to load any big thing (I've only 2Mb of chip ;-) )

Also here is a list of 'I-do-not-want-loosing-time-doing-the-boring-thing s':

* The boring OpenScreenAndKickTheSystem: there were a lot available, do you have some tips of which one is the more robust/simple/smaller/friendly/lame... Each ones have probably their pro/cons !
* The module player: I suppose theplayer is always the best, the last seems to be the 610.8 available here
* Some other ones?

I don't think any pic->raw converter is needed because of the inciff feature, or I miss some new things ? (an iff->iffz converter with an inciffz ? ;-) )

And well, I've made my first exe that put a random then incremented value in $dff180, and.. rainbow noisy background rulez \o/
#2 - Posted: 29 Dec 2010 17:52
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I'm no expert but i'm going to help where i can here:

For the cruncher, i think Blueberry's one is the way to go and Blueberry is also still an active amiga coder. See also blueberry's exe cruncher.

For the music, The player is most used but some demos are using adpcm now, which i assume, is used to play mp3's. See also adpcm.

Personal Paint 7 is the last version and is not being developed anymore. I assume a lot (most?) use pc graphics programs these days.
#3 - Posted: 29 Dec 2010 18:25
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Hi Skp.I use Amiga Forever as my Amiga Emulator.I also use a newer version of AsmOne for coding.I use PicCon for converting.I also use old Cosaque for making sincos tables.I use Player61a as my player.The chunky2planer routines I use are made by Optima,but Blueberry's and Kalms' c2p routines are publicly available.Use Execruncher for crunching.It is much more efficient than any other cruncher on Amiga.And that's about it I think.
#4 - Posted: 29 Dec 2010 18:40
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Skp,if you want to,I can give you the source for my little dentro Plasma Hut / Focus Design.It uses player 61a timg,and a 4 bpl c2p.I have used this system for my latest intros Charger and Rotek too.Just let me know,and I can make you a .zip
#5 - Posted: 29 Dec 2010 21:54 - Edited
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For converting ILBM images to use in Assembler ( RAW + copperlist palette) I recommend PicCon250.

It's the tool that I use for all graphics converting.
It even is suitable for c2p stuff.

As for a cruncher, Blueberry's is verry good ( actually the BEST) for 68020+ cpus.
It even works for 68000 BUT the de-crunching on an A500 takes A*G*E*S.
So that's why I still stick to the StoneCracker
unless I get into real size trouble.

... and I hope to have you in the intro-rink at easter ;D

114 days to go
#6 - Posted: 30 Dec 2010 12:32
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As file manager if you like ther is also a free Directory Opus 4.17pre20.

There is a AGA version of old Protracker PT2.3D and the latest V3.62 (year 2000 fix should be in aminet but maybe not necessary) with useful (if you like) mod2smp function.

Do you plan to upgrade your A1200 for Demo coding? I ask because individual computer has built an 030 accelrator/ram-expansion card (ACA) for A1200/A600. Sale has started before x-mass. The 28MHz version goes for 99,- EUR.
#7 - Posted: 30 Dec 2010 19:11
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z5: the link from my msg was from the blueberry packer thread, and I know he is an active scener (and not only on Amiga ;-) )
Also I'm not a big fan of adpcm sound except using it for compressing samples from the module file, I prefer the good old module than a big sampled music. (And I'm not sure 14bits is really useful on an Amiga demo, if the musician really want more dynamic probably he can tweak it with protracker and duplicating sample...).
Well, I'm oldskool ;-)

corial: thanks, but in fact yesterday I used the "How to code" startup code and finally it's not so complicated, nowadays a lot of docs are available on the net, that help a lot :-) So I tweak it a little bit and I got a working "open screen, kick system but can be loaded from an icon" thing \o/
(And it was not even boring!!)

blakkhar: I know dopus, but I prefer filemaster ;-)
About Protracker: is the last version made compatible module with the player6.1 ? (And well currently I do not plane to upgrade my amiga...)

dodge: I will try piccon and I will also download stonecracker, but not sure if i will do A500 compatible code... (AGA and 020 are really great :-) ), and for easter, who knows...

Ok tonight I've planned to code rasterbar and plasma :-)
#8 - Posted: 30 Dec 2010 19:58
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As far as I know the Protracker file format hasn`t changed. So they all should be compatible with ThePlayer. Except PT4 but that doesn`t count I guess. The only thing that could be uncomely is that Protracker versions itself have little different replayer.
#9 - Posted: 30 Dec 2010 21:03
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Hey! I also got a A1200 last week, your list is very helpful for me also! thanks a lot! I used DiskMaster 2 / 3 as a file manager.
#10 - Posted: 30 Dec 2010 21:49
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piccon is the best for image conversion, a cracked version is available (without annoying requesters), http://www.modermodemet.se/dalton/tools/bitmap/pwc -piccon.lha
#11 - Posted: 1 Jan 2011 17:10
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For a simple demo startup, you can also try my 4k startup code. Apart from the usual system close and restore, it also features a convenient automatic LMB quit, so that when your effect goes into an infinite loop, you can still quit using the LMB.


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