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#1 - Posted: 7 Dec 2010 17:29 - Edited
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The idea of this topic came from the charts / year question in another topic. Since we haven't got that yet, i was curious: what were your highlights demoscene wise (or other :)) and what was your favourite demo(s) released this year. Also looking forward, any plans for next year you want to share can go in here aswell :)

I'll start with my favourite thing happening in 2010 demoscene wise: the return of 4 groups at Breakpoint 2010: Ghostown (ex Appendix), Ozone, Desire and Haujobb. To this day, i still don't really understand what happened and why. Why did these groups return after so long and how come they did at the same party? It's a mystery to me. But it was just awesome.

On a personal level, it was great to see Jazzcat, Slayer, Noname and Drareg/God back since they all made a big impression on me all those years ago. Drareg is still somewhat of a coding hero to me and always loved Jazzcat and Slayer's work. Same goes for Noname.

As for top demos, i'd say they were:
1. Metropolice / Ghostown and RNO
2. Ikadalawampu / Loonies
3. Dust / Elude
closely followed by (in no particular oder and all very good): Prototype 1, Garden Variety Autobulk, Fetish 2 and the Tulou demo with the long name (which deserves an extra credit for being one visually and musically beautiful coherent showpiece).

Wishes for 2011 if i may: that we see that Skarla demo, Humanoid digging up his half finished demo and finishing it, Loaderror and Cheetah working together on a new demo and the four groups that reappeared this year, reappear again in 2011. Well, one can dream, can't they :)
#2 - Posted: 7 Dec 2010 20:48
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2010 has definitely been a good year for our tiny Amiga scene.Prototype 1 was my personal highlight,and I rewatch that demo quite often.But altogether very good productions have been released,and it seems that the Amiga scene is still very much alive.

I hope that I can also contribute with something in 2011.I am currently working on making new baseeffects,since I ran a little low on content here in late 2010.The motivation is there,but the coop era with Optima seems to be over.No time or motivation I'm afraid.
#3 - Posted: 7 Dec 2010 21:11
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I haven't watched many demo's this year. The only new one I know I watched was Grind by Dekadence & Accession, so I am slightly biased with regards to my vote!

I am glad that the amiga demo scene is still very much alive, and I hope to contribute to it from now on :)

#4 - Posted: 8 Dec 2010 10:18
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Nice topic!

My personal highlight of 2010 was of course making another demo with such talented friends after many years of absence and then seeing the demo run on the bigscreen at Breakpoint - albeit as a very crappy compo version ;) And I am glad that we did the final version, which then looked as intended.

Breakpoint itself was just awesome, esp. the Amiga demo compo, which had many highlights. My personal best was again the Ozone demo - just like in 1999 - and that Kiero et al. finally won their well deserved prize.

My wish for 2011 would of course be to see more Amiga demos at another Easter party. And to make another demo with our team. Although this doesn't seem to be very likely from the current perspective, as everybody is so busy with other things (tm). The code is basically there, but we need more content than we can currently produce. So my second wish for 2011 would be that another talented 3D designer would be interested in working with us.
#5 - Posted: 8 Dec 2010 12:25
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On a personal level, it was super to see you back with a demo, noname. In the months before BP, there were some hints here and there that it might actually happen (like more coding questions on the forum here) but still, awesome. I always silently hoped for it but figured it wouldn't happen in the end... until a couple of months before BP.

Also, i keep my fingers crossed that you will find somebody to do another demo this year. You can't have made all those efforts in setting up a development system again for only one demo :)
#6 - Posted: 8 Dec 2010 12:45 - Edited
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As for the surprises this year my favorites were of course the comebacks & coops, namely
Ozone, Haujobb and the Suomi-Polski-Belgique-Coop-conspiracy ;D

If there would be a chart yet, my top-3 ranking would look like this:

1) Metropolice
2) The Ventures of Prince Dakkar...
3) Dust

I deliberately left out the intros as there was simply just one that towered them all (and I mean cross-platform)

In regards of the mystery and the Whys & Hows of the massive comebacks I can only say,
that you would've understand it if you had been there, z5 ;)
Everybody knew it would be the last time in Bingen. Thus, the reason to attend this gathering took on
a whole new meaning which only can be described in rather esoteric terms.

My personal aim for 2011 is of course to come up with at least one intro production and perhaps a
little bit more. So far - as the days are getting shorter - I take the time to optimise on my few existing routines,
trying to get some more visual content and better frame rate out of them.
I also am still fiddling around with the Sierpinsky carpet,
making little progress from time to time ( non-recursive approach succeeded \o/ ).
#7 - Posted: 8 Dec 2010 16:25 - Edited
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I'd also add my vote to Metropolice as being my favourite Amiga release this year.

This year also marked, for me personally, the first public release of my (admittedly rather crappy bearing in mind the company on here...) own intros. But, it's nice to finally make at least some small contribution to the Amiga scene that I've loved so much for so long.

Taking on board the various constructive comments on pouet about my releases, and being inspired by the great efforts d0DgE makes on the OCS / ECS Amiga front, I'm hoping to stretch myself a little further and release my first multi effect effort next year. Not sure what will be in it or when it might surface though - still getting used to having less time now that I became a dad a month and a half ago. ;-)
#8 - Posted: 9 Dec 2010 12:24
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The only Amiga production that was exceptionally great this year was imho Ikadalawampu. I don't know anything about Amiga coding but to me it seems like Blueberry is the only coder who is really pushing the limits. I can't think of any other production released this year that technically would make people go 'WOW!' even if it was released five years ago. Maybe I'm mistaking myself here...? Sure, the Elude demos looks great but they're too damn slow to be compared to e.g. Starstruck...

Anyhow, my top-3 favourite demos from 2010 (technically impressive or not) are in no particular order:

- We come in peace / Elude
- The ventures ... / Tulou
- Garden variety autobulk / Traktor & Nature
- Fetish 2 / Ozone

My fav non-Breakpoint productions (yes they deserve their own chart =)) in no particular order:

- Dust / Elude
- Grind / Dekadence

As for 2011 and the future in general I hope for real Amiga scene action more than once a year, but... hell, that probably requires more Amiga sceners and then I should probably start with getting active myself... :P

I also hope for a new issue of Cows and Snakefights in 2011... =)
#9 - Posted: 30 Dec 2010 22:19
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Taking on board the various constructive comments on pouet about my releases, and being inspired by the great efforts d0DgE makes on the OCS / ECS Amiga front, I'm hoping to stretch myself a little further and release my first multi effect effort next year. Not sure what will be in it or when it might surface though - still getting used to having less time now that I became a dad a month and a half ago. ;-)

@pmc: a somewhat late congrats on becoming a dad. I do hope to see a multi effect effort next year in between changing nappies :)
#10 - Posted: 31 Dec 2010 09:18
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Pmc, a late congratulation from me aswell!
#11 - Posted: 31 Dec 2010 12:29
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According to the ada votes, the top 5 of 2010 was:

1. Ikadalawampu / Loonies (4.9)
2. We come in peace / Elude (4.41)
3. Metropolice / Rno & Ghostown (4.21)
4. Dust / Elude (4.20)
5. The ventures of prince dakkar and his pilgrimage to the abyss / Tulou (4.08)
#12 - Posted: 12 Feb 2011 09:48
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For me highlight in 2010 was reconnecting with all the Desire members and friends. And we actually had three releases in one year after 15 yeats of Silence:
- Menace2 (on Breakpoint 2010)
- InMonaco (HardWire 2010)
- Lost Signal (PC demo released on HardWire 2010)

Hope we can have more DESiRE releases in 2011 (we been bit rusty)

Regards Ramon B5^DESiRE
http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=303317629 035


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