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#1 - Posted: 18 Sep 2009 16:36
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A [code] tag for fixed width text would be useful, and maybe even with a parameter to set the tab width so you don't have to detab your code before you paste it. The previous fixed width tag was only 40 or so chars wide, atleast 80 would be great.

I still think the last reply button would be great, to get to the last post in a thread you're following. I also noticed the ADA logo in the forum section doesn't link to the front page, so you have to retype the URL to get back out.

Thanks for getting ADA online again!
#2 - Posted: 21 Sep 2009 20:22 - Edited
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some of my suggestions as a visitor:

On the Site statistics (main page), previously one could see the amount of new votes and comments on that day. For example: Comments: 4969 (+2) meant that there were two new comments made that day. Same for the votes. Found it quite interesting because i find the comments and votes from other people interesting.

Forum: ADA logo => going back to the main A.D.A. page (as requested by ZEROblue)

Better possibility to paste code into the forum (might be difficult since it's a premade forum). There used to be a plugin included for that in the previous version (wasn't it PRE or something) but it was quite crap. This was an often requested feature

Implementation of double/triple nicks into the site (for example Kalms, Scout)

Charts page: would probably be more logical if it had "All" instead of "Demo" as default category. "All" is the category for the charts on the main page.
#3 - Posted: 22 Sep 2009 17:56
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Also, as a former webmaster, i would probably nuke the "video size" column in the database. This was introduced in the days of modems and such, but i wonder if it's still relevant these days. I'd rather have less but correct info than lots of incorrect info.
#4 - Posted: 23 Sep 2009 17:34 - Edited
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Code tag fixed:

moveq.l #1,d0
addq.l #4,d0

Logo-link, Charts and Comments/Votes on firstpage also fixed.

I'll look in to the other things.
#5 - Posted: 25 Sep 2009 12:41 - Edited
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here's a suggestion, a (semi) anonamous sugestion box.

...just the first thingthat popped into my head when I saw the title of this thread... don't mind me =)

Like z5_, etc. know who it is, and can respond via email, but there is no mailto: crap. Or something...

...and there's probably potential to expand or minimalise that idea as much as you like. And more security, potentially, if you build it yourself. but I don't know how, I just get the basic concept.

and I think then people (like me) don't have to worry about look in lkike a total tard in front of the entire internetts demoscene, just a very small section. heh.

I might have a design idea or two, but I probably wouldn't give it a second thought (in regards to ADA) without such a feature.

Of course, the demoscene is a very self-referential artform, so of course any and every piece of iconography from classic Amiga demos could be potential iconography for the site.

...so there's potential for compresion there. If you use commonly used iconography as a lame and kinda useless kind of compression... If you get where I'm going with that thought... A FAST!|efficient and minimal, but well designed site is surely required for any amigascene site... but I don't want to derail this so i say I know....

...this scene/thread is more about getting shiz done WELL, practicly and efficiently. And my idealistic crap has no place in the ADA threads... or at least no more on this one... so that's it from me on this topic I think.

[edit: cheers on the code tags, Now I look forward to seeing some ascii art in these threads =)]


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