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Demos Amiga Demoscene Archive Forum / Searching for... / Looking for Amiga musicdisk with picture of Terminator in background


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#1 - Posted: 2 Feb 2009 17:34
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Hi everyone.

I'm looking for an old Amiga musicdisk - at least, I think it was a musicdisk. There's a chance it could have been a demo, though it fits the modern profile of a musicdisk better.

Anyway, I'm afraid I don't remember the group, but the musicdisk had a red silhouette picture of Arnie from the cover of the Terminator movie (the first Terminator movie, that is), with a selection of eight or so music tracks over the top of the picture.

You could choose which music track to load, which is why I'd peg it as a musicdisk. I'd guess the date was around 1989, 1990, maybe 1991, but probably not much older than that.

The music was kind of house/acid house stuff - lots of samples (several of the sound samples, as I recall, came from the movie Evil Dead II, if that helps!), and several of the tracks actually seemed to use the same samples. There was some fantastic music on that disk, and I'd love to hear it again - except I can't seem to find it!

Anyone got any ideas what I could be thinking of?

Thanks in advance!
#2 - Posted: 12 Dec 2012 21:34
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I am looking for the same demo. One of the music is boys from Sabrina giulermo. The modules seem to be protracker songs.


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