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#1 - Posted: 30 Apr 2007 22:29 - Edited
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On the Amycoders page, there was once a compo on the water effect.

Can anybody explain the theory behind this effect (no code, just how it works) or provide a link to a page explaining that theory. There used to be a link on the amycoders page but it doesn't work anymore.

Is this doable for a newbie?
#2 - Posted: 30 Apr 2007 22:52
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A water effect is quite a nice effect to code, they way I did it (long time back, used in tlu-khold.exe) is by using two buffers. I think this is quite a common way of doing it. I've lost all my code in a HD crash so I don't have it anymore but looking around on the web I found a few sites explaining something similar. Have a look at this http://freespace.virgin.net/hugo.elias/graphics/x_ water.htm .


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