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#1 - Posted: 31 Oct 2006 22:05
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Just today, i accidentally stumbled upon this site: Flashtro, which has a selection of cracktro's converted to flash. Pretty cool and well-done.

Can't really describe why, but i always have had very fond memories about cracktro's. Granted, a big part of it is the famous "nostalgia" feeling, but still... cracktro's sparkled my interest and got me into demos. I remember getting loads of cracked games which i never really played but just loaded for the cracktros. The most appealing thing about cracktro's are definately the tunes.

Those were the times :o)
#2 - Posted: 1 Nov 2006 10:48
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rahh lovely cracktros

on Flashtro you can also find lot of tutos for cracking and cheating games, and also sources of Cracktros (hmm...something strange, the amount of sources decrease - ~97 last times, 29 now!!)
#3 - Posted: 1 Nov 2006 13:46
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Good find Z5.

I used to love this one:-


The effect works much better full screen running on the Amiga than this remake but it's still a cool effect. I did the same as the guy on there back in the day and used action replay 4 (software version on the 1200) to see how this effect is done. If you know how the State of the Art circle effects is done you already know.
#4 - Posted: 1 Nov 2006 13:59
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My absolute favourite has to be the Unit-A one. Really simple but i loved the tune. Bamiga Sector One had some cool ones and the World of Wonder intros were great. Paradox's stab at Angels in their famous cracktro is legendary aswell.

Remember, Stingray fixed a whole bunch of cracktro's to work on modern amiga's.

Actually, i find the flash remakes really well done.

Oh and there was a quite active cracking scene in Belgium (contrary to the demoscene).
#5 - Posted: 20 Feb 2007 19:24
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Yeah! I´m almost of the same opinion........ cracktro´s have always been a fine example of what was actually possible without having lots of RAM or Diskspace. although most games developers those days packed their Disks full with Games content many crackers found a way to set their signs by
showing fully featured intros or even crunched 2 Disks Games to one.
I rather liked that Hoodlum or TRSi stuff those days. Sometimes the routines
were amazing by using roughly about 10kb for the complete demonstration.
#6 - Posted: 16 Nov 2008 22:32
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I stumbled on this thread today :)

There is another movement as well as the excellent flashtro and it's called retro-remakes.net

www.retro-remakes.net is largely dedicated to remakes of cracktros from our beloved Amiga. The good thing is that because these remakes run using windows you can view the cracktros as they should be, in full screen if you want and with the full original music.

There's over 200 remade so far, the project is a collaberation between some real oldschool junkies and a lot of the old pirates and cracktro afficionados are already registerd there.

We plan to remake every single cracktro ever released on the Amiga, it might take us 20 years but we're determined..

220 online now, 300 by Christmas!


Hope you like our work.


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