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#1 - Posted: 11 Oct 2006 01:29
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Anyone know how the Xbox flicker filter works??
In Xbox you can choose (if you use a homebrew program like XBMC) betwen 1 to 5 and 5 its like rock steady interlace with almost no flickering on a ordinary tv set. I know that xbox has some kind of special hardware for doing it but maybe you could also do it in software on the Amiga?
#2 - Posted: 11 Oct 2006 02:21
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My guess would be that the flicker filter is a vertical low-pass filter on the framebuffer.

It takes a lot of CPU time and memory bandwidth to perform on OCS/AGA. You can get some vertical filtering (nay, blurring) when displaying a 4-bitplane screen using 8-bitplane mode and a specially created palette but it will not be that close to what the Xbox does.

To get efficient, high quality results you need a graphics card with 2D/3D hardware accelerated rendering, and support for blending operations.
#3 - Posted: 17 Oct 2006 16:29
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