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#1 - Posted: 8 Nov 2004 19:17 - Edited
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Here some requests from people searching for productions. I've you know where to find it, please post a link

Hollowman was searching for:
The Fab Four - The Reincarnation Of Sgt Pepper

Loaderror and Kempy were searching for:
Educational Sex lesson by Limbo

Coder was searching for:
I don't know much about this demo/intro but I try to tell it anyway. For all I know it could have been a crack intro. It displayed a really nice tree. That is about all I can remember. That was about it, just the tree with music and some info. It's a longshot but maybe someone remembers it.

Coder was searching for:
I got a little bit more info about this one and if you read my other thread you can read how I found this one. It is really small and it has a picture windows in which you can have pictures show up by clicking on the mouse button. There is a equalizer that moves on the music. The guys name is Jas, jaz or jazz. But I think the first one. A picture of him will show up also in that picture window and a picture of a mercedes claiming it was his. He made the demo in just a few (2?) days. But he had a lot of help from another person belonging to a demo group. I hope anyone can help me on this one.


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