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Angry Retired Bastard
#1 - Posted: 25 Apr 2006 17:55
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..as long as the text is easy to extract.. ;-)
#2 - Posted: 25 Apr 2006 19:07
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I think it would be cool to require the user to run the mag-frontend in a virtual machine emulating virtual hardware (that otherwise no more than a handful of people are going to have) to get a high-color high-res display. Thinking about it, it would be even more elite to run the mag-backend in a different virtual machine that serves the content to the frontend over HTTP.

Just kidding, sorry ;)

But honestly, please make sure people can actually watch your mag without exorbitant requirements. And make sure the content can still be read even without all that bloat. Maybe a webpage is not the worst option for your content to stay alive.
#3 - Posted: 26 Apr 2006 09:37
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Noname , i agree with you. So, here is big answer for all who in interest :)

Winuae only for all, who do not have any w3d gfx card on amiga, or pegasos/a1. Personnaly i do not want very much to do it for winuae (also in this fact, that here is a bit more works, over real warp3d hardware), but i works with winuae support only in this fact, that here is not so many ppls have modern stuff. So, in other words it is somethink like "please make sure people can actually watch your mag without exorbitant requirements"

I am, as coder, to know at this moment only modern stuff (warp3d/minigl).
For aga, i do not have need it skills for creating really good aga engine (not like present emags, but like good old raw/seenpoint/etc). I really will be in interest, if someone will want to help me to code the same engine as i have over warp3d, but for aga (maybe with some changes, but) - i will only glad to see it ) but of course, all amiganz lazy slakers, and i think all who can help, will said 'sorry i works', 'sorry my wife said that i am too much time over compuer', 'sorry,sorry' :) For aga here is need it HAM8 version, becouse 256 colours for me (maybe only for me) it's suck. Dithering to 256 colours from 16-24 bits can be detectable, and only way it's to do dithering to ham8. (where is also tons of works, which i can't made at this moment). So, i can said which i want to see in AGA version:

1. fast fade in/out of ham8 640x512 pictures. (so, 060 is minimum i think)
2. dithering all stuff to ham8 (it can be dithering static to raw, and do not need to dither it on the fly in realtime and take cpu).
3. smooth scrolling of text per string (or per pixels) does not matter, matter only smooth/good scrolling of text.
4. this text must be with cliparts, so, need routine to works with all of this.
5. present emag works with hi-level ahi api, so, here is mod music on background + sounds of 'clicks'. So, agayn, ahi only can make this , and it is mean (agayn) - 060 minimum. Or , maybe someone can do it without ahi and only with paula directly - i am will be only gald too see this help.

I can said more, but i think no one already do not will want to help me with AGA version. Or i am wrong, and someone want ? Noname, maybe you ?:)

In other words, i understand, that AGA version will be very good too, but it will be only with help of someone. If here is no any help about this, of course, i will made only a1200-a4000 warp3d/winuae/a1/pegasos versions.
which of course will works smoth on 060 cpu (maybe or 040 too, but i think not, in fact of ahi mixing, etc).

Or, here is a choice - i can start to works on AGA version, but i understand that it take YEAR :)

so, i am in interest of any comments and helps.

Also i want to said (if someone in interest agayn), that i already have 6 very good modules for this number, i already have graphics (with help of many ppls, but good help give me loraine design. Also some help give ubik with one picture). At this moment i works on articles, and with it will be helps only from Browalia at this mometn. DaFreak said that want help, start to work on 'design' ideas, and .. 3 weeks not answer. Creg from SevenDays, will want to cooperate, and .. here is not any answers from him about month :)

i really, really want to make somethink GOOD in diskmag stage, for all who want to see somethink like old mags, but in moder style. But, here is all which i said already :) warp3d version will be 100%. aga version - do not know.
#4 - Posted: 26 Apr 2006 15:46
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kas1e : maybe we will do some post mortem/making of the bp demo, but I'll rather make the final first
#5 - Posted: 26 Apr 2006 16:31
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demos in my upcoming "super-mega warp3d emag"

As we, classic users with our outdated hardware, will probably not be able to run and read the mag anywa, that is not a convincing argument... :) (only kidding ofcourse)

as a matter of fact, I have some kind of remembering that around 1998, warp3d was released as "warpos" libs that used hardware or softawre, but also 68k libs that could also use software or hardware, without PPC or 3d hardware. ( ...but i'm not sure extacly.. it was the case for stormMesa, but i don't kwow for warp3d)
#6 - Posted: 26 Apr 2006 17:20
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2rload: it will be very good:)

2krabob: i think you said about
http://uk.aminet.net/gfx/board/Warp3D_CPU_PPC.lha. in readme sais:

What it doesn't do :
* 68K version (distribution not allowed by Hyperion because of Amithlon
Warp3D licensing issues)
* Source code (the Warp3D driver SDK is closed and property of Hyperion)
* Main missing feature : alpha blending
* This version does not include the texture alpha channel management, so no W3D_DECAL.

so, it is do not have alpha (one of this features, why i choice warp3d too), also here is no 68k version, but, if it will be, i think it will be slow as hell and unusable.

i think noname was right , aga version will be good too. and maybe need to take some more time for works with aga ..
#7 - Posted: 28 Apr 2006 09:48
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so, still not answer from you. it also mean that you wan't help ?:)

ps, also i am in interest, what you mean here: "And make sure the content can still be read even without all that bloat. Maybe a webpage is not the worst option for your content to stay alive."
sorry, maybe my english is too suck, but what kind of 'bloat' do you mean ? and also you think, that http/web it is the same as binary with engine ? or what ?
#8 - Posted: 28 Apr 2006 14:26
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no, i'm not interesting in helping out with your mag-code, sorry.

what i meant with the paragraph that you cited is that you should make sure people can actually read your content. afterall content is the reason why you make a diskmag, isn't it? by design, you seem to demand a lot on the hardware side and i think it is wrong to do so because you will lock out your audience. of course you are allowed to think about this differently.
#9 - Posted: 28 Apr 2006 17:43
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noname, content it is not 100% reasson for me to work on this project. If reasson will be content only, i am of course just will put up some articles on the web, or somehere else, exactly what you talking about.

Mainly reasson for me, it is creating a hi-quality diskmag,with good/modern engine, and with good content also (but content not only is reasson as i said). It is not mean, that i do not want to make good content, but it also not mean, that i want to do sucked low-resolution engine.

Of course i want make it for all users. And right now i thinking about this: can be possible to do the same that i have, for 060/ham8(aga), or not..
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