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Angry Retired Bastard
#1 - Posted: 19 Feb 2017 04:33
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Finally recovered from the awesomeness of Datastorm and managed to finish a small write-up about Makt. :)

#2 - Posted: 20 Feb 2017 04:24
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Cool bob effects! I think the Ebbe, skull and zoomer deserve another demo where they are shown without lots of heavy flashing. The artefacts make it look a bit "hand drawn" or something. At least in the article gifs it looks smooth.

Some kind of emo remix perhaps ala the one with Inu soundtrack?
#3 - Posted: 28 Feb 2017 15:04 - Edited
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I was really impressed. Some great code combined with great design produced a demo that seemed both very new and fresh and also very Amiga.

Plus anything with cubes in it is automatically good.


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