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Ephidrena & Loonies











April 2019


Revision 2019

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 3rd



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User Comments (6)

comment by z5 on 02 May 2022

Groups credits should have included Kvasigen but the database doesn't support more than 2 groups at the moment.

comment by rloaderror on 05 May 2022

This one was really fun to make as it isn't just about pure c2p effects. The various tunnels are supercharged colorcycling effects where color cycling is combined with being able to change the palette every scanline. So one can get high resolution tunnels without changing a single pixel on the screen.

comment by z5 on 10 May 2022

I watched this one quite a lot when it was released. It's a great demo that is fun to watch. As with any demo, i find the 3D "statue" scene the least interesting (i love my effects in demos) and it doesn't help that it is used twice. Everything else is fun and looks great.

That being said, i miss something from the "2000"-style Eph demos. It's hard to say what exactly. I feel the demos all look very slick, polished and high res but i kind of miss a bit of roughness and lowres-ness from earlier demos if that makes sense? Also, i feel that graphics and effects are more separated in recent demos while i do enjoy when both are a bit more mixed using overlays and such. Maybe a result of some core members being inactive, huge distances between coder and the rest of the team or less time for a full blown concept/design? Or maybe a conscious choice to not repeat the same over and over and try something new instead, which is totally fine ofcourse :)

comment by z5 on 10 May 2022

Upon rereading, i think i just meant to say that in earlier demos the graphician was perhaps more involved in the concept/design of the demo…

comment by rloaderror on 14 May 2022

For this demo I coded some "tools" and sent to Farfar with the goal that he could experiment a bit with graphics on his own. They didn't help much as they were not user friendly or robust enough. So whenever he tried to use them he would run into arbitrary crashes when not using exactly the parameters I had been using before etc.

Lots of stuff from him here though. The whole collaboration started when he gave me some LUTs he had made. The silver-face, and these electrowave discs before the knarkzilla logo.

In my mind the demo is about a nuclear dinosaur created by scientists that went just an extra mile too far. The beginning is an origin of life/biology thingy that goes through air, water, cells, viruses, bacteria. Then some nuclear tech stuff with atoms/nucleus (light blob, tunnels), hexagonal carbon chains. Put all these ingredients together and the inevitable result is a nuclear dinosaur. This dinosaur is not too pleased with humanity's meddling with nature and blows up the science lab with a nuclear death ray attack. The music also has japanese Godzilla samples in case there was any doubt.

It all makes perfect sense!

I do miss the old days when we could sit together in Zixaq's basement and make demos. Cheetah would make some interesting stuff using non-computer stuff such as old newspapers and oil painting on canvas. All the effects were 256 color chunky with shadetables. Less weird restrictions because of limitations set by the effect code.

comment by z5 on 14 May 2022

Yeah, i shouldn't assume less graphics or concept are involved when the demo doesn't have more "traditional" things like overlays, scrolling backgrounds, animated sprites and such. Each scene and effect is (big) part graphics and design so that's just me talking nonsense basically :)

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