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Aulun Baulund


Focus Design















September 2016


Gerp 2016

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 1st



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User Comments (7)

comment by noname on 04 September 2016

The demo that revived z5? ;-)

Nice and coherent flow in here. No heavy 3d stuff, but all beautifully executed which is probably more important anyway.

comment by corial on 04 September 2016

You are right, Leif, definitely not a 3d show! I dunno...we try to angle our prods a little differently I guess, but I won't rule out more 3d in future prods.

comment by z5 on 04 September 2016

I enjoy this kind of demo a lot (same as Be Kool Fool). The visuals by Optic are just fantastic, the tune is great and the effects are the type i enjoy most. Also, the synch was well done.

Some thoughts on what would have made the demo even better for me: the scene in screen 8 needed a bit more work. It felt a bit out of place color and design wise. And the twister could maybe have twisted a bit more :)

Overall, i think you've got a great thing going there with Optic and Esau. I hope to see more of this in the future.

comment by rloaderror on 06 September 2016

Rocking graphics by Optic! Also enjoyed the tune by Esau, not sure about that singing song part, but it makes it stand out. Is this the most evil Focus Design demo so far? It might just be. I like the stuff happening in the 'spectrum analyzer' effect and the maze lit from below. Thumb up for such details as tweaking the palette when the fingersnap sound was made. I like this kind of timing where you time to the unusual events in the sound instead of jumping around on every beat.

But what exactly is Aulund Baulund?

comment by z5 on 06 September 2016

I was thinking the same thing while watching, especially about the synchro and the fingersnap sound. I liked that a lot. Also, the synchro on the maze when it zooms in and then changes palette was great. I thought the synchro was a lot more interesting than just flashing or jumping on every beat (as you pointed out).

The spectrum analyzer part was my favourite part of the demo. These are the kind of effects which make me feel it still makes a lot of sense to keep doing Amiga demos, more so than trying to do heavy 3D scene demos that would probably look a lot better on more powerful hardware.

Also, having watched this demo quite a lot, i'm upvoting to 5/5. I think it's the best Focus Design demo so far and it has a lot of little details that make it stand out.

comment by corial on 06 September 2016

Yes, so what IS Aulun Baulund? In short: it's the name of the module. It lead to the thought in my head that it could be the name of a research facility. Optic then invented the cyborg character, and we decided that Aulun Baulund was its name. The "story" is that Aulun somewhat transitions to become human as the demo progresses.

comment by dodge on 16 January 2017

Dem bloody ribbons!

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